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Domestic Violence Clinic

Student Experience

Client Experience

"With help from God, The UT Domestic Violence Clinic and the hard work of Mr. Brothers, l am no longer a victim of domestic violence. I have broken the cycle of violence in my home. My children now live in a safe home where they can be children and no longer live in fear. The most important thing is I am no longer a victim of domestic violence... l am a SURVlVOR..."
—Clinic Client

“I greatly enjoyed my experience serving various clients in the Domestic Violence Clinic (DVC).  What I learned working with Professor Lungwitz (who was a fabulous supervisor), interacting with clients, and preparing for trial far exceeded what I expected.  The work and required skills were not only readily practical (e.g. preparing court documents, counseling distraught clients), but also engaging and challenging.  DVC cases not only exercised my intellect, but at times, also tested my emotional limits.  I think such experiences are critical because, as a future lawyer, I know I will be in situations where I will be angry, heartbroken, or frustrated, but still need to maintain a calm, collected, and focused attitude.  Working with other committed, passionate DVC students was one of the most rewarding aspects of the Clinic, since most student-student interaction in traditional classes is limited to study groups.  Overall, I grew tremendously in my lawyering skills and thankfully saw the fruits of my hard labor in the success of my clients.  There is no greater feeling than to know you played some small part in your client's joy.”
—Melvin Huang, ’10

“My experience as a student in the Domestic Violence Clinic was a critical part of my legal education. It gave me the opportunity to put my learning into practice in concrete and challenging ways: working with clients, writing and filing motions, and even preparing and arguing at trial. Representing clients who were rebuilding their lives after many years of violence was eye-opening. Helping them change their lives changed mine.”
—Leslie Friedlander, ’08

“The Domestic Violence Clinic has been the most enjoyable, beneficial and rewarding experience I have had during my entire law school career. I had my first client, my first contested win and my first disappointments with the system in the clinic – all of which have prepared me for life as a “real” attorney. Without the clinic I would have never found my professional passion.”
—Sara Kim, ’09

“The University of Texas Domestic Violence Clinic provided me with first hand litigation experience I have not seen fellow classmates get in other clinics.  Not only was I given the opportunity to help individuals who need it the most, but I was also able to develop as an attorney.  I would strongly recomend the UT DV Clinic for anyone who is looking to experience what it is like to be a practicing attorney and wishes to help others in the process.”
—Jake Gilbreath, ’09