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Nonprofit Internship

Student Experience

“I definitely recommend taking the nonprofit internship class. I gained a lot of practical skills and knowledge through my work at the Texas Civil Rights Project. I also enjoyed learning about my classmates' experiences working at a range of local nonprofits. The class discussion component helped me think more about the work I want to do and it was a nice way to meet other public interest-minded students.”
—Sofia Meissner, ’15

“The nonprofit internship class not only helped me get the best experience possible from my internship, it also pushed me to think about the type of lawyer I want to be and the role my legal career will play in my life as a whole. I highly recommend this course to all students who want to be happy, well-balanced lawyers, regardless of whether they ultimately choose a non-profit path.”
—Catherine Wagner, ’14

“My internship at the Texas Civil Rights Project was a valuable opportunity to get truly involved in litigation strategy. In more than one of the cases I worked on, I not only did legal research and drafting, but got involved in planning, negotiation strategy, and client interaction. Because of the litigation experience I gained in the process, I think my internship was an important transitional step between legal education and practice.”
—Nick Jackson, ’10