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Evacuating the Building

All occupants of the university building are required to evacuate a building when a fire alarm and/or an official announcement is made indicating a potentially dangerous situation within the Law School.

  • When a fire alarm is activated (you will hear a fire alarm horn, a recorded voice message, and or see an emergency strobe light), an evacuation is otherwise required. The Law School Emergency Floor Managers immediately will direct occupants of their area to the nearest accessible fire exits.┬áThe Emergency Floor Manager and Assistant Floor Manager travel through their respective areas, knocking on doors (including restroom doors) as needed and in general making sure people are on their way out.
  • Do not rush, push or panic.
  • Close your office, classroom, or lab door behind you. DO NOT LOCK doors behind you.
  • Do not use elevators to evacuate — during a fire drill, a fire or any other evacuation emergency.
  • MOBILITY IMPAIRED AND INJURED PERSONS: National fire code recommends that any mobility impaired or injured person needs assistance in evacuating the building, the Emergency Floor Manager will escort the individual to the nearest fire stair landing (which by fire code, is protected for two hours), they will leave the individual there, exits the building and immediately notifies firefighters, who will then ascend the stair and further assist the individual.
  • Evacuate to the designated ASSEMBLY AREAS quickly with your car and home keys and other personal valuables one can carry on person. If your progress to the PRIMARY assembly area is impeded, proceed to the ALTERNATE assembly area.
  • After evacuating, please stay at least 150 feet from the building until the fire marshal issues the all-clear.
  • Do not reenter the building unless directed by UTPD or an Austin Fire Department Officer in charge.