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Access SmartVoice on the Web

New Voicemail System (SmartVoice) Cheat Sheet (pdf)

SmartVoice on the Web Cheat Sheet (pdf)

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SmartVoice — The University of Texas Voicemail System

With SmartVoice you can retrieve your messages via telephone or the Web interface, which works similarly to the way you access e-mail. If you change phone numbers (or even departments), you can move your existing mailbox with you to your new phone.

How does SmartVoice work? - Phone messages are stored on the SmartVoice server in standard .wav format, which is playable on virtually any platform. You can have all your phones messages forwarded to your e-mail inbox so you can listen to them through speakers or headphones. You can also use SmartVoice for text messages, including redirecting your e-mail address to your SmartVoice address. SmartVoice uses text-to-speech technology, which reads text e-mail messages to you over the phone.

Training & Support - There are two cheat sheets available (see links on right) to help you with phone and web access.

There are also additional resources at:

For further help:

Contact Rose Cumpian at (512)-232-1971

Or contact the ITS Help Desk at (512) 475-9400.