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Benjamin G. Gregg

  • Associate Professor (Department of Government, College of Liberal Arts)


  • PhD Princeton
  • MA Princeton
  • PhD Free University of Berlin
  • BA Yale

RESEARCH INTERESTS ******************************************************************************** Law as it relates to social integration in complex modern societies; problems and prospects of contemporary forms of justice, including human rights; coping with value pluralism within democratic societies but also in non-liberal polities around the world; deploying contemporary sociological theory to solve problems in political philosophy; the social, legal, and political consequences of the human species taking control of its genome

CURRENT PROJECT under review at CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS ********************************************************************************** Second Nature: The Political, Moral, and Legal Consequences of the Human Species Taking Control of its Genome

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS ******************************************************************************** The Human Rights State, University of Pennsylvania Press (forthcoming, 2015) ******************************************************************************** Paperback edition of Human Rights as Social Construction (Cambridge University Press), published July 2013 (hardcopy twice re-published, 2012) ************************************************************************** “Advancing Human Rights in Post-Authoritarian Communities through Education,” Journal of Human Rights Practice, forthcoming 2015 ******************************************************************************** “Human Rights as Metaphor for Political Community Beyond the Nation State," Critical Sociology, forthcoming 2015 ******************************************************************************** “Die Bedeutung des Internets für die Bildung einer kritischen Öffentlichkeit” [Problems and Prospects for a Critical Public Sphere On-Line], in Kurt Imhof, Frank Welz, Christian Fleck and Georg Vobruba, eds. Neuer Strukturwandel der Öffentlichkeit. Wiesbaden, Germany: Springer VS Verlag, forthcoming 2015 ******************************************************************************** “Im Strukturwandel der Weltöffentlichkeit: Auf dem Wege zu einem Pluralismus?” [A Pluralistic Conception of Human Rights for a Global Public Sphere?], in in Kurt Imhof, Frank Welz, Christian Fleck and Georg Vobruba, eds. Neuer Strukturwandel der Öffentlichkeit. Wiesbaden, Germany: Springer VS Verlag, forthcoming 2015 ******************************************************************************** “Teaching Human Rights in the College Classroom as a Cognitive Style,” in J. Shefner, H. Dahms, R. Jones, and A. Jalata, eds., Social Justice and the University, Basingstoke, United Kingdom: Palgrave (2014): 253-279 ****************************************************************************“ “Might the Noble Savage have Joined the Earliest Cults of Rousseau?” in Jesko Reiling and Daniel Tröhler, eds., Entre hétérogénéité et imagination. Pratiques de la réception de Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Genève: Éditions Slatkine (in the series Travaux sur la Suisse des Lumières) (2013) 345-364 ******************************************************************************** “Genetic Enhancement: A New Dialectic of Enlightenment?” in Perspektiven der Aufklärung: Zwischen Mythos und Realität, ed. Dietmar Wetzel. Paderborn, Germany: Verlag Wilhelm Fink (2012): 133-146 **************************************************************************** “Comparative Perspectives on Social Integration in Pluralistic Societies: Thick Norms versus Thin,” Comparative Sociology (2012) 11:629-648 ******************************************************************************** “Politics Disembodied and Deterritorialized: The Internet as Human Rights Resource” in H. Dahms and L. Hazelrigg, eds., Theorizing Modern Society as a Dynamic Process (in Current Perspectives in Social Theory, vol. 30). Bingley, UK: Emerald (2012): 209–233 ******************************************************************************** Human-Rights as Social Construction. Cambridge University Press, 2012. (+) first printing sold out within seven months of publication; (+) now in its third printing; (+) ranked among CUP’s ten bestsellers in political theory (other authors on the list include Bernard Manin, Theda Skocpol, Jane Mansbridge, Mark Bevir, Cass Sunstein): ****************************************************************************** “Individuals as Authors of Human Rights: Not only Addressees,” Theory and Society 39 (2010) 631-661 **************************************************************************** “Deploy

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Benjamin G. Gregg

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Fax (512) 471-1061

Office: MEZ 3.138
The University of Texas at Austin
727 E Dean Keeton Street
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