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John M. Golden

  • Loomer Family Professor in Law



  • Patent Privateers: Private Enforcement’s Historical Survivors, 26 Harvard Journal of Law & Technology 545 (2013).
  • Proliferating Patents and Patent Law’s “Cost Disease”, 51 Houston Law Review 455 (2013).
  • The USPTO’s Soft Power: Who Needs Chevron Deference, 66 SMU Law Review 541 (2013).
  • Patent Law's Falstaff: Inequitable Conduct, the Federal Circuit and Therasense [Symposium: Chief Justice Rader's Contribution to Intellectual Property Law and Practice], 7 Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts 353 (2012).
  • Injunctions as More (or Less) than "Off Switches": Patent-Infringement Injunctions' Scope, 90 Texas Law Review 1399 (2012).
  • The Supreme Court's Accidental Revolution? The Test for Permanent Injunctions, 112 Columbia Law Review 203 (2012) (with Mark P. Gergen and Henry E. Smith).
  • Patentable Subject Matter and Institutional Choice, 89 Texas Law Review 1041 (2011). View Article
  • Intellectual Liability in Context, 88 Texas Law Review See Also 211 (2010). View Article
  • Innovation Dynamics, Patents, and Dynamic-Elasticity Tests for the Promotion of Progress, 24 Harvard Journal of Law & Technology 47 (2010). View Article
  • Complex Economics and Patent Remedies, 1 IP Theory 50 (2010). <>
  • WARF's Stem Cell Patents and Tensions between Public and Private Sector Approaches to Research, [Symposium: Law, Science, and Innovation: The Embryonic Stem Cell Controversy], 38 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 314 (2010).
  • The Federal Circuit and the D.C. Circuit: Comparative Trials of Two Semi-Specialized Courts, 78 George Washington Law Review 553 (2010).
  • Principles for Patent Remedies, 88 Texas Law Review 505 (2010).
  • The Supreme Court as "Prime Percolator": A Prescription for Appellate Review of Questions in Patent Law, 56 UCLA Law Review 657 (2009). <>
  • Construing Patent Claims According to Their "Interpretive Community": A Call for an Attorney-Plus-Artisan Perspective, 21 Harvard Journal of Law & Technology 321 (2008).
  • "Patent Trolls" and Patent Remedies, 85 Texas Law Review 2111 (2007).


  • Purposive Hopes for Better IP, 91 Texas Law Review 1413 (2013) (reviewing Creation Without Restraint: Promoting Liberty and Rivalry in Innovation, by Christina Bohannan & Herbert Hovenkamp).


  • Science and Technology Entrepreneurship for Greater Societal Benefit: Ideas for Curricular Innovation, in Spanning Boundaries and Disciplines: University Technology Commercialization in the Idea Age 167, Advances in the Study of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Growth, vol. 21 (Gary D. Libecap, Marie Thursby & Sherry Hoskinson eds.; Bingley: Emerald, 2010) (with Lee Fleming & Woodward Yang).

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John M. Golden

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The University of Texas at Austin
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Judy L. Winter
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