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Philip C. Bobbitt

  • Distinguished Senior Lecturer



  • Terror and Consent: The Wars for the Twenty-First Century (New York: Knopf, 2008).
  • The Shield of Achilles: War, Peace and the Course of History (New York: Knopf, 2002).
  • Constitutional Interpretation (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1991).
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  • U.S. Nuclear Strategy: The Problem of Extended Deterrence (Ph.D. dissertation, University of Oxford, 1983).
  • Constitutional Fate: Theory of the Constitution (New York: Oxford University Press, 1982).
  • Tragic Choices (New York: Norton, 1978) (with Guido Calabresi).


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  • 'I Too Slept Among Our Dead,' 34 National Journal 2485 (Aug. 31, 2002).
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  • Reflections Inspired by My Critics, 72 Texas Law Review 1869 (1994).
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  • Our Approval Ratings Are Way Down, New York Times Book Review, Apr. 4, 2004, at 11 (reviewing Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of Its Enemies, by Ian Buruma & Avishai Margalit, and Civilization and Its Enemies: The Next Stage of History, by Lee Harris).
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