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Understanding Your Credit

Get your Credit Score

Graduate PLUS and Private Loans are not federally guaranteed, the borrower must demonstrate creditworthiness, which is based on an applicant’s personal credit history, including factors such as prior loan repayment records and current personal debt.

If you believe that you will need Graduate PLUS or private loan funds to help meet your educational expenses while attending law school, request a credit history report during the summer to evaluate your ability to secure this type of funding.  You can obtain a copy of your credit report  by visiting these websites: and

Check Your Educational Loan History

If your credit is less than perfect due to overdue undergraduate or graduate loans, you can view your federal educational loan history and current status at the National Student Loan Data System for Students.  Their website is .  You can  identify the loan that is delinquent or in default status and obtain  lender contact information.

Repairing your credit

If you are in the process of repairing your credit and would like more information on related issues, please visit You may find some helpful tools  to help repair your credit.