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Receiving your financial aid awards

After your financial aid data is reviewed and/or verified, OSFS determines your eligibility for financial aid awards and sends you an award e-mail notification. The Electronic Financial Aid Notification (e-FAN) is accessible online. The e-FAN shows your:

  • EID, name, and address;
  • Cost of Attendance (program costs), annual resources, and financial need;
  • Initial (or revised) award package offered for the Fall, and/or Spring semesters, including instructions for completing all forms to accept or reject awards for each semester;
  • Number of minimum credit hours of enrollment required for each award period.

Read your e-FAN carefully, especially messages describing awards and/or special information from your financial aid counselor. You must submit your e-FAN online by the due date shown on your EFAN. Failure to do so could result in the cancellation of your financial aid offer. Keep in mind that if you are offered grants this cancellation may not always be reversible.

Receiving your financial aid

After you register for classes and PAY YOUR TUITION/FEE BILL each semester, your financial aid funds will be either mailed to you from UT in the form of a check OR direct deposited to your designated bank account if you submitted a Direct Deposit Authorization form included in your e-FAN package online or at

You must make sure your registration for the semester is complete and that all requirements are satisfied to receive your aid. Fall/Spring financial aid awards are paid in two equal payments, half in the fall and half in the spring.

MAKE SURE your current local and permanent addresses are on file as well as your current e-mail address. Update your addresses on-line at the Registrar's website or at the Law School Financial Aid Office.


Checks that cannot be mailed to you can be picked up at the University Cashier's Office in the Main Building, Room 8.

Law School Scholarships: If you are awarded a scholarship from the Law School, an award letter will be mailed to you with instructions for accepting the award.