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Employee Recognition Program

Past Law School Employee of the Year

William "Billy" Chandler – Rapoport Center

Billy Chandler

The 2013 Employee of the Year has an extensive repertoire of skills, talents, and affinities that he brings to the law school each and every day. It is a great honor to recognize Billy Chandler of the Rapoport Center as our 2013 Employee of the Year. He is being recognized for his proactive leadership, teamwork, and enthusiastic service to the law school community.

From his extraordinary job in planning, editing, and coordinating the publication of the Rapoport Center’s Annual Review, through managing the Center's annual speakers' series, to coordinating the Center’s annual conferences, Billy Chandler runs the Center with enthusiasm and spot-on efficiency. His dedication and commitment are crucial to the success of the Rapoport Center's mission.

In addition, he works tirelessly with the center’s scholars and interns, encouraging and inspiring them through arranging discussions of human rights topics, helping them to manage their workloads, and engaging them in the work of the Center. He takes the lead in coordinating the visits of eminent scholars from around the country, orchestrating seamlessly all aspects of their travels. Last minute curve balls — and there are plenty — are handled smoothly and efficiently.

Yet it is his genuine and caring persona that has endeared him to his colleagues and earned him the respect of the students and faculty who work with the Center. Please join me in congratulating William Chandler as our 2012–13 Employee of the Year.

Chau L. Curfman - Library

Chau Curfman at the 2012 Employee of the Year ceremony after receiving her award.

The 2012 Employee of the Year is known for her willingness to always help others and to pitch-in in ways that are too numerous to count. It is a great honor to recognize Chau Curfman as our 2012 Employee of the Year. She is being recognized for her professionalism, organizational skills, and her teamwork attitude.

Chau has almost single handedly overseen, coordinated, and undertaken the movement of hundreds of thousands of volumes of library materials from the off-site warehouse to new placements throughout the library. The movement of these library materials involved physically demanding work that lasted well over a year. Chau has done this very well, and always with a pleasant disposition and great camaraderie.

In a time of transition for both the law school and the library, Chau has taken on innumerable new responsibilities and has done so cheerfully and with precision. One of her nominations describes her as “truly being a jack of all trades here at the library, interacting with students, faculty, foreign scholars, and visitors of all stripes. She is a reminder of the library’s role in supporting the law school’s mission, and reminder that so much of the work that makes the law school a world-class institution happens behind the scenes and at all hours of the day and night.”

Chau’s commitment and dedication are crucial to the success of the Library and the entire Law School community. Please join me in congratulating Chau Curfman as our 2011-12 Employee of the Year!