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Employee Recognition Program


What are the benefits of the UT Law School Employee Recognition Program?

An employee is selected monthly and receives recognition from the law school and their peers. All nominations are submitted to Human Resources and are added to the employee's personal file. In addition, the employee of the month is granted access to an F20 parking permit, which allows them to park in the Employee of the Month designated spot on Trinity for the month. In addition, the Employee of the Month receives a congratulatory appreciation basket.

Starting in May 2012, the School of Law will recognize the Employee of the Year. The Employee of the Year recipient will receive a monetary award, three (3) days of administrative leave and an award plaque.

Can I nominate myself?

No self-nominations are accepted for this award.

How is the Employee of the Month chosen?

The Employee Recognition Committee meets monthly and reviews all employee nominations. The composition of this Committee is comprised of employees from diverse departments within the Law School.

The Employee of the Year is chosen by the Employee Recognition Committee and faculty members assigned by the Dean.

Can someone be nominated more than once?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of times an employee may be nominated.

Who is eligible for this nomination?

Eligible for Nominations:

  • UT Law School and Law Library employees
  • Full-time employees
  • Classified and A&P employees
  • Faculty members are not eligible

Who do I contact if I have any question regarding this program?

Contact the committee at (512) 232-1120 or