CONFERENCE: Diversity in Higher Education Post-Fisher

TJCLCR is partnering with the William Wayne Justice Center and The University of Texas School of Law's Civil Rights Clinic to present a conference that will examine the law as a tool to close the educational achievement gap, with a special focus on Texas. Closing the achievement gap requires a multi-faceted approach that addresses issues at the community, school, and policy levels. Aimed at education reformers, lawyers, educators, policy makers, scholars, and students, this conference will explore ongoing law-related efforts to close the achievement gap as well as possible future initiatives. Click here to read about the conference in real time on the TJCLCR blog.

Fall 2013 Publication Preview

We brought the four authors featured in our Fall 2013 issue together to discuss their articles and notes on the future of the Voting Rights Act, diversity in law school faculties, and the need for a Racial Justice Act and juvenile justice reform in Texas. Click here to listen to their conversation.

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