School Finance Reform: Don't Worry, Be Happy
Mark G. Yudof

Litigating Edgewood: Constitutional Standards and Application to Educational Choice
Allan E. Parker, Jr. and Michael David Weiss

Intent of the Framers in the Education Provisions of the Texas Constitution of 1876
Billy D. Walker

A Guide to the Texas Lawyer's Creed: A Mandate for Professionalism
Justice Eugene A. Cook, Fred Hagans, and James H. Holmes, III

Has Steelworkers Burst Chevron's Bubble? Some Practical Implications of Judicial Deference
Gary J. Edles

Texas Pretrial: An Empirical Record and a Call for Reform
John A. Epp

Invoking the Inherent Powers Doctrine To Compel Representation of Indigent Civil Litigants in Federal Court
David Moore

The Need for Disclosure Laws: A Survey of the Wrongful-Adoption Cause of Action and Statutory Remedies for Adoptoin Fraud
Shannon M. Connelly

Recovery of Attorney's Fees in Private Contribution Actions Pursuant to CERCLA Section 107(a)(4)(B)
Jordan J. Christopher


Symposium on Problems in Disposition of Mass Related Cases and Proposals for Change
Edward F. Sherman

Problems in Complex Litigation
Linda S. Mullenix

Aggregate Disposition of Related Cases: The Policy Issues
Edward F. Sherman

The Triumph of Efficiency and Discretion Over Competing Complex Litigation Policies
Edward Brunet

Drafting Choice of Law Rules for Complex Litigation: Some Preliminary Thoughts
Mary Kay Kane

Jurisdictional and Transfer Proposals for Complex Litigation
Thomas D. Rowe, Jr.

Complex-Litigation Reform and the Legislative Process
Charles Gardner Geyh

Resolving the Asbestos Personal-Injury Litigation Crisis
Arthur R. Miller and Price Ainsworth

Administering Damage Awards in Mass-Tort Litigation
Samuel Issacharoff

Comparing Class Actions and Consolidations
Charles Silver

Special Master's Report in Cimino v. Raymark Industries, Inc.
Jack Ratliff

Streamlining Complex Cases
Robert M. Parker

Selected Bibliography on Complex Litigation
Compiled by Linda S. Mullenix

VOLUME 10 | FALL 1990 | NUMBER 1

What Really Happens During Class Certification? A Primer for the First-Time Defense Attorney
David Crump

Post-Trial Motions in Private Antitrust Actions: A Practitioner's Guide
John E. Rumel

Litigating the Constitutionality of State and Local Affirmative Action Plans: Issues and Approaches
Solomon Oliver, Jr.

Adverse Effects of Texas Tort Reform on Settlemetn in Multi-Party Cases
Ray Chester

Out of the Fryeing Pan and into the Fire: The Expert Witness Problem in Toxic Tort Litigation
David Bernstein

Diminished Qulaity of Life as a Basis for Damages in Environmental Contamination Cases
Ron Moss

The Recoverability of Expert Witness Fees in Civil Rights Cases: The Post-Crawford Crises
Maria-Elena Cigarroa

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