An Introduction to the Symposium: The Impact of Failed Financial Institution Litigation on the Regulation of Lawyers
John S. Dzienkowski

Failed Financial Institution Litigation: The Expanding Scope of Liability
Steve E. McConnico, Christopher Fuller, Samuel J. Johnson

Lawyers at Risk: Lawyer Asset Freezes and Other Chilling Experiences
Arthur W. Leibold, Jr.

Statue of Limitations Issues in FDIC and RTC Claims Against Attorneys Representing Failed Financial Institutions
Jett Hanna

The Discoverability of Settlement and ADR Communications: Federal Rule of Evidence 408 and Beyond
Kristina M. Kerwin

Avoiding Disaster: The Applicabilty of Federal Rule 68 When Multiple Offers of Judgment Result in a Settlement
Monica Wiseman Latin

Prozac: Is it the Next Rising Giant in Products Liability?
Michael D. Tomatz


Incoherence and Irrationality in the Law of Attorney's Fees
Charles Silver

Neither and Elephant Gun nor a Cardboard Sword: Due Process Requirements in Sanctions Litigation
Byron C. Keeling

Fifty Years of Bernhard v. Bank of AmericaIs Enough: Collateral Estoppel Should Require Mutuality But Res Judicata Should Not
Michael J. Waggoner

Dealing with Intercepted Communications: Title III of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act in Civil Litigation
Susan L. Kopecky

Judicial Review of Negotiated Rulemaking
Derek Raymond McDonald

Birth Control for Child Abusers: Statutory Concerns and Privacy Issues in Court-Enforced Contraception
Elizabeth Wylie

VOLUME 12 | FALL 1992 | NUMBER 1

The Unruly Judge
Michael Sean Quinn, H. Michelle Caldwell

Prescribing Cooperation: The Mandatory Pretrial Disclosure Requirement of Proposed rules 26 and 37 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Jeffrey J. Mayer

The Interstate Compact: A Cooperative Solution to Complex Litigation in State Courts
Leonard J. Feldman

Fryed Expert Witnesses: The 5th Circuit Takes Charge of Scientific Testimony
Bruce L. James

A Discussion of the Silicone Gel-Filled Breast Implant Controversy
Stephen Lichtenstein

Computer Bulletin Board Systems and the Right of Reply: Redefining Defamation Liability for A New Technology
Edward A. Cavazos

The Americas with Disabilities Act: The Undue Hardship Defense and Insurance Costs
Sandra M. Lopez-Aguado

The Deliberative Process Privilege: Preserving Candid Communications or Facilitating Evasion of Justice?
Arthur Piacenti

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