Civil Rights on Campus: An Introduction to the Symposium
Ann H. Franke

Academic Freedom and the Quality of Sponsored Research on Campus
Helen Leskovac

College Students with Disabilities: Litigation Trends
Laura F. Rothstein

The Fate of Minority-Based Institutions After Fordice: An Essay
Kenneth S. Tollett, Sr.

It's Not Whether You Win or Lose, but Whether You Get to Play: Title IX Finally Expands Participation Opportunities for Female Athletes in the 90s
Diane M. Henson, Boyce C Cabaniss

The Law of Sexual Harassment on Campus: A Work in Progress
Thomas M. Melsheimer, Steven H. Stodghill, Diana L. Faust

Suing for Tenure: Legal and Institutinoal Barriers
Kathryn R. Swedlow

Punitive Damage Reform: Allocating a Portion of the Award to the State
Kevin M. Epstein

Striving Towards a Superior Settlement Credit Rule in Federal Securities Actions
David R. McAtee, II

The Art of Applying the Fair Use Doctrine: The Postmodern-Art Challenge to the Copyright Law
A. Michael Warnecke


Discoverectormy II: the End of "Gotcha" Litigation
Dan Downey, Lori Massey

Evaluating Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26(b)(5) as a Response to Silent and Functionally Silent Privilege Claims
Rebecca A. Cochran

Taking Property: Constitutional Ramifications of Litigation Involving Trade Secrets
James R. McKown

Lawyers Beware: Davenport v. Garcia Could Signal Change in Constitutional Analysis
Mark Jacob

The Same Old Enchilada? The Supreme Court Simplifies the Protection of Inherently Distinctive Trade Dress in Two Pesos v. Taco Cabana
Jamison Dean Newberg

Litigating Federal Sexual Harassment Cases: The Link Between "Sexual Harrassment" and the Standard of Reasonableness
Salime Samii

VOLUME 13 | FALL 1993 | NUMBER 1

The Census Undercount and Minority Representation: The Constitutional Obligation of the States to Guarantee Equal Representation
Samuel Issacharaoff, Allan J. Lichtman

Usury Law and Guarantors: A Texas-Sized Loophole
James A. Pikl

Res Judicata and the "Transaction" Test in the Texas Supreme Court: An Opportunity Lost
Joe G. Roady

Improving Legal Writing: The Triumpgh of Hope over Experience
Collyn A Peddie

Sanctions in willy v. Coastal Corp.: Rulee 11 or "Catch" 11?
Francis Christopher Flaherty

The Best-Laid Plans May Be Costly: An Analysis of Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council and Its Implications for Land Use Planning
Evangeline Paschal

The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976: A Contemporary Look at Jurisdiction Under the Commercial Activity Exception
Richard Wydeven

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