Don't Roll in My Parade: The Impact of Sports and Entertainment Cases on Public Awareness and Understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act
Laura F. Rothstein

The ADA and Section 1983: Walking Hand in Hand
James C. Harrington

Closing the Floodgates: The Employee's Duty to Mitigate and Why Working Is Not a Major Life Activity
Mark R. Freitas

The Constitutional Status of ADA: An Examination of Alsbrook v. City of Maumelle In Light of Recent Supreme Court Decisions Concerning the 11th Amendment
Sarah E. Sutor & Susan Elizabeth Grant Hamilton

Judges and Juries: Why Are So Many ADA Plaintiffs Losing Summary Judgment Motions, and Would They Fare Better Before a Jury? A response to Professor Colker
Jeffrey A. Van Detta & Dr. Dan R. Gallipeau

ADA Overview and Update: What Has the Supreme Court Done to Disability Law?
Diane L. Kimberlin and Linda Ottinger headley

Solicitation in Class Actions: Should Class Certification Be Denied Because Class Counsel Solicited the Class Representative?
Kelly Buechler

Can Deterrence Play a Positive Role in Defamation Law?
Jonathan Garret Erwin

Emplyoee's Panacea or Pandora's Box? An Analysis of Bragdon v. Abbott and Its Likely Effects Upon Claims Under Title I of the ADA
Rex J. Zgarba


The Perplexing Problem with Criminal Monetary Penalties in Federal Courts
The Honorable W. Royal Furgeson, Jr., Catharine M. Goodwin, & Stephanie Lynn Zucker

Kumho Tire: The Battle of the Experts Continues
Richard T. Stilwell

Filling the Federal Appellate Openings on the 9th Circuit
Carl Tobias

Where's the Beef? A Reconciliation of Commercial Speech and Defamation Cases in the Context of Texas's Agricultural Disparagement Law
Eric Jan Hansum

Legislating Religious Liberty Locally: The Possibility of Compelling Conflicts
Cheryl Rubenstein

Life of the Triparty: Why Flat-Fee Independent Counsel Might Just Make Everyone (More or Less) Happy
Chris S. Stacy

The State Political Processes Theory of the 11th Amendment
J. Brian King


Public School Finance, School Choice, and Equal Educational Opportunity in Texas: The Enduring Importance of Background Conditions
John J. Janssen

Removal and the Special Appearance - Which to Do First?
David F. Johnson

Tick, Tock: Rules on the Removal Clock
Matthew J. Mussalli

Utilizing E-Mail as Business Records Under the Texas Rules of Evidence
Robert L. Paddock

Where There's Smoke, There Must Be Fire: Rights of the Accused Sexual Harasser
Cynthia Wilson Veidt

Yield Spread Premium Class Actions Under RESPA: Confusion Predominates
Brian A. Wahl

Charter Schools: Public or Private? An Application of the Fourteenth Amendment's State Action Doctrine to These Innovative Schools
Jason Lance Wren

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