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May 21, 2001

Professor Klein to Co-Author Famed Procedure Treatise

Will Update 6 Volumes of Influential Charles Alan Wright Treatise

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Professor Susan R. Klein, a nationally prominent scholar specializing in federal criminal law and procedure, has been retained by West Group Publishing to co-author yearly supplements on all 6 volumes on criminal procedure from Professor Charles Alan Wright's Federal Practice and Procedure, as well as to completely re-write one of the volumes within the next two years. Federal Practice and Procedure is West Group's best-selling publication.

Professor Charles Alan Wright, the foremost authority on federal courts and procedure in the U.S.A. and a long-time professor at the University of Texas School of Law, died in 2000. The criminal procedure volumes of his seminal treatise on Federal Practice and Procedure will now be attributed to Wright, King and Klein. Associate Dean and Professor Nancy J. King of Vanderbilt University's School of Law will co-author with Professor Klein. Co-authors of other volumes of the treatise include Arthur R. Miller (Harvard Law School), Edward H. Cooper (University of Michigan Law School), and Dean Mary Kay Kane (University of California Hastings College of the Law).

"I was extremely flattered to be asked to fill the giant shoes of Charlie, and a bit overwhelmed," said Professor Susan R. Klein.

"The treatise is an important, influential work. It's found in every law library, and on every federal district, appellate, and U.S. Supreme Court justice's desk, and in every U.S. Attorney's Office and Federal Public Defender's Office nationwide. Charlie would be pleased, not only because Susan is such an important scholar, but also because she's from the University of Texas, the school he loved," said Dean Bill Powers of the University of Texas School of Law.

Professor Klein specializes in criminal law, criminal procedure, ethics, and federal criminal law, and her recent publications include "Apprendi and Plea Bargaining," ___ Stanford Law Rev. ___ (with Nancy J. King) (forthcoming Oct. 2001); "Identifying and (Re)Formulating Prophylactic Rules, Safe Harbors, and Incidental Rights in Constitutional Criminal Procedure," 99 Michigan Law Rev. 201 (2001); "Double Jeopardy's Demise," 88 Cal. Law Rev. 1001 (2000); "Successive Prosecutions and Compound Criminal Statutes: A Functional Test" (Texas Law Review 1998 with Katherine Chiarello); and "Miranda Deconstitutionalized: When the Self-Incrimination Clause and the Civil Rights Act Collide" (University of Pennsylvania Law Review, 1994). She holds the Baker and Botts Professorship at the University of Texas School of Law.