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May 4, 2005

Press Contacts: Allegra Young, UT Law, (512) 471-7330, Jennifer Lamar, Assistant to Professor Bobbitt, (512) 474-6460

Professor Bobbitt Receives Highest U.S. Academic Honor

Author of influential books on the U.S. Constitution, strategic studies elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Photo of Professor Philip Bobbitt
Philip Bobbitt

AUSTIN, Texas — Today The University of Texas at Austin School of Law announced that Professor Philip Bobbitt has been elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, one of the highest academic honors in the United States. Texas is one of only nine law schools in the U.S. to have at least four faculty elected to the Academy. Others members from UT Law are Douglas Laycock, Sanford Levinson, and Mark Yudof.

"Philip richly deserves this honor. His contributions to the fields of constitutional law and international security have been studied around the world and have influenced an entire generation. We congratulate him on his election to the Academy," said Dean Bill Powers.

Bobbitt, who holds the A. W. Walker Centennial Chair in Law, is one of the nation's leading constitutional theorists. His six books focus on constitutional law, international security, and the history of strategy. They are: Constitutional Interpretation (1991), Democracy and Deterrence (1987), U.S. Nuclear Strategy (with Freedman and Treverton) (1989), Constitutional Fate (1982), Tragic Choices (with Calabresi) (1978) and most recently The Shield of Achilles: War, Peace and the Course of History (Knopf, 2002). His seventh, The War on Terror (Knopf, 2004) is forthcoming this winter. He is also an elected member of the American Law Institute, The Council on Foreign Relations, the Pacific Council on International Policy, and the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

In public life Bobbitt has served as Associate Counsel to the President, the Counselor on International Law at the State Department, Legal Counsel to the Senate Iran-Contra Committee, and Director for Intelligence, Senior Director for Critical Infrastructure and Senior Director for Strategic Planning at the National Security Council. He is a former trustee of Princeton University; and a former member of the Oxford University Modern History Faculty and the War Studies Department of Kings College, London.

Bobbitt is a member of one of the strongest constitutional law faculties at a U.S. law school. In addition to Bobbitt, Laycock, and Levinson, other members of the constitutional law faculty include David Anderson, Lynn Baker, Mitchell Berman, William Forbath, Lino Graglia, Richard Markovits, H.W. Perry, Scot Powe, David Rabban, John Robertson, Larry Sager, Jordan Steiker, Louise Weinberg, and Ernest Young.

About the American Academy of Arts and Sciences:

For over 220 years, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences has been honoring excellence and providing service to the nation and the world. Through independent, nonpartisan study, its ranks of distinguished "scholar-patriots" have brought the arts and sciences into constructive interplay with the leaders of both the public and private sectors.

The Academy was founded during the American Revolution by John Adams, James Bowdoin, John Hancock, and other leaders who contributed prominently to the establishment of the new nation, its government, and its Constitution. Its purpose was to provide a forum for a select group of scholars, members of the learned professions, and government and business leaders to work together on behalf of the democratic interests of the republic. In the words of the Academy's charter, enacted in 1780, the "end and design of the institution cultivate every art and science which may tend to advance the interest, honour, dignity, and happiness of a free, independent, and virtuous people."

Today the Academy is an international learned society with a dual function: to elect to membership men and women of exceptional achievement, drawn from science, scholarship, business, public affairs, and the arts, and to conduct a varied program of projects and studies responsive to the needs and problems of society. With 4,000 fellows and 600 foreign honorary members, the Academy is regarded as one of the world's leading intellectual institutions.

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