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Visiting Students from New Orleans Resource Page


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Tulane Health Insurance Form Deadline: Oct. 1

Attention Tulane Law Students: To continue receiving insurance coverage through Tulane, you need to file a form by October 1, 2005.

The form can be found here: To get to to the form on the website, click on the tab, "find your school" and enter in Tulane. The Chickering phone number is 617-218-8400.

This information comes to us from the Assoc. Dean of Admissions & Student Services at Washington University.

Library Services for Visiting Students

In order to access the Lexis and Westlaw printers located Computer Learning Center Lab, visiting students from Tulane and Loyola need to register new UT specific passwords. The help desk in the Computer Learning Center Lab is distributing new passwords for both services.

During the Westlaw registration process, be sure to note that you are NOT a first time user, so that your prior information will be updated.

In order to update your LexisNexis Ultimate Rewards program information, please email our Lexis representative Eric Knustrom (

The Library will also host orientation sessions for the visiting students on Monday, September 12th at 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. We'll meet in the lobby.

If you need assistance with any other Library related issue, feel free to contact Jane O'Connell, head of student services (471-8761;

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Purchasing Course Packets

You may purchase course packets from University Duplicating in the basement of the law school (down the main Atrium stairwell or elevator). They have extended their stay until Friday, September 9th. Their hours of operation are from 8:30am–5pm and will close for lunch from 12–1:00 p.m. After Friday, course packets may be purchased at University Duplicating's Copy Center located in the Social Work Building (SSW), Room G-14.

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Ordering Books

We passed out information this morning on how to order your law books. Unfortunately, each publisher has changed the process. Here is the latest and hopefully, final, method. Before going to the Co-Op East, please come by my office, 2.117, and get a form certifying that you are a visiting student from New Orleans.

Thomson, West and Foundation Publishing – Go to the Co-Op East (with your certification form) and tell them what books you need. They will give them to you, and you do not have to pay for them. The book store will bill Thomson.

Aspen Publishing – Come by my office and list what books you need from Aspen. I will notify the Co-Op East, and they'll get the books. Either you'll need to pick them up at the book store or they'll deliver them to me. That hasn't been determined yet. Stay tuned.

I hope that this plan works satisfactorily for you.

I haven't heard from any other publishers, so if you need books from another publisher, you may need to purchase them. Before you purchase any books, though, check the SBA Exchange. If they have a book you need, they will give it to you and then pay the student who gave it to them to sell.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Susana I Aleman
Room 2.117

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Health Insurance for Tulane Law Students

Tulane students need to check and make sure whether or not they have health insurance still in effect. Tulane has a hard waiver for insurance. If Tulane students have insurance they can visit any of the facilities on campus, seek health care and then submit their receipts for reimbursement from Tulane. If they do not have insurance they can purchase a plan at The plan will be effective immediately the day it is purchased.

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Susana I. Alemán can be reached at 495-8229, for any further questions.

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