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September 13, 2005

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Visiting Professor Jörg Fedtke Advises Members of the Iraqi National Assembly on Iraqi Constitution

AUSTIN, Texas—This year the German Foreign Office invited UT Law visiting professor Jörg Fedtke to act as an academic expert within the framework of its Democratization Assistance Program. As such, Fedtke works with two others, an additional academic/lawyer from Iraq, and a member of the Venice Commission. They provide expert advice on questions of constitutionalism to members of the newly elected Iraqi National Assembly. The Assembly is charged with the task of drafting a final constitution for Iraq.

Workshops organized by the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung in the Middle East (June 2005) and Europe (July 2005) focused on issues of human rights protection, judicial review, federalism and constitutional interpretation. The next workshop, scheduled in the Middle East this semester, concerns the evaluation of the current constitutional draft now presented to the National Assembly.

Fedtke's analysis focuses on the drafting process; difficulties concerning the implementation of new constitutional arrangements (drawing comparisons with Germany post-1949 and South Africa post-1993/4); and the analysis of specific provisions in the draft text. The workshop is designed to assist politicians, members of influential religious groups, judges, and practicing lawyers.

Jörg Fedtke is a visiting professor brought to Texas by the Law School's Institute for Transnational Law. In London he works with its counterpart, the Institute of Global Law, University College London. He was previously an assistant to Professor Ulrich Magnus at the Institute for Foreign and International Private Law and Law of Procedure in Hamburg/Germany and DAAD/Clifford Chance Lecturer in German Law at University College London. He has published a book on the reception of German constitutional law in South Africa and, amongst other articles, a series of contributions to the Unification of Tort Law series of the European Group on Tort Law based in Vienna/Austria. In London, Dr Fedtke teaches comparative administrative law, constitutional law and tort law. He is Director of the Institute of Global Law. His current research interests include various comparative law projects (including the constitutional protection of human rights in the private sphere), institutionalized approaches to the reform of law, and the development of a website of translated German and French legal material.

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