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March 14, 2006

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Texas Law Fellowships' Spring Pledge Drive Supports Public Interest Internships

AUSTIN, Texas — The annual Texas Law Fellowships' spring pledge drive is underway to raise money to fund public interest internships. This pledge drive began on March 6 and will continue until March 24. Each year, students, faculty, staff, and members of the community pledge and donate funds to support UT Law students working in public interest internships and fellowships during the summer break.

"Every year it is thrilling to see how the Law School community rallies around and supports TLF's efforts," said interim dean Steve Goode. "By enabling students to work in public interest positions, TLF provides a great service to the Law School and the community at large," he said.

This year, 31 law students with public interest or government summer internships have applied for Texas Law Fellowships. Students, faculty, staff, family, friends, and others are encouraged to pledge and vote anonymously for up to six of the fellowship applicants. These pledges contribute directly to the fellowships, and the votes determine which applicants are awarded fellowships. Fellowship recipients are awarded $3,800 for 400 hours of service and legal work in public interest internships where they would otherwise not receive compensation.

Professors, 1L sections, societies, journals, and student organizations offer incentives to boost pledges and encourage supporting fellow law students in their pursuit of public service. Some law firms match pledges made by their clerks as a sign of their support for public interest endeavors. The minimum pledge is $25, which must be paid before voting. Pledgers can also pay $25 upfront and defer payment on larger contributions until after September.

Applicants' proposals are available online at

This year, the Spring Pledge Drive runs from March 6 through 24. Pledges can be made in the Law School atrium, by mail, or online. Family, friends, and others not in the Law School community are welcome and encouraged to pledge. All pledgers are invited to the TLF Pledge Drive party held on Friday, March 24 at Cedar Street Courtyard.

TLF believes that no legal education is complete unless it instills in students an obligation to contribute to the public good in exchange for the privilege of practicing law. We strive to create an environment at the University of Texas School of Law in which students can fully, effectively and easily serve the public interest.

How to pledge:

1. Online via Paypal:

2. At the Law School Atrium: The TLF Pledge Drive table will be set up in the atrium throughout the weeks of May 6-10 and May 20-24. By pledging in person, you can receive a TLF t-shirt, water bottle, mug, or baseball cap depending on the amount pledged.

3. Mail a check made out to "Texas Law Fellowships" to 727 E. Dean Keeton, Austin, Texas 78705. On the memo line, or on a separate sheet of paper, write the names and numbers of up to six applicants for whom you wish to vote.

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