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March 28, 2006

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Texas Law Fellowships’ Spring Pledge Drive Raises Nearly $50,000 for Public Interest Work

AUSTIN, Texas — The annual Texas Law Fellowships' Spring Pledge Drive began March 6 and wrapped up with the annual Pledge Drive party on March 24. By the final hour, TLF raised over $49,000. Combined with funds that TLF has raised all year, TLF will fund 21 law students working for public interest organizations this summer.

"Pledge Drive continues to show that public interest work is supported by the entire UT Law School community," said TLF President Jaime Richards.

Once again, first year law students led the Pledge Drive effort, raising over $24,000 of the Drive total. Many 2Ls and 3Ls gave in large numbers as well, motivated in part by the possibility that law firms where they will clerk over the summer have pledged to match their donations.

Last year TLF received over $8,000 from law firm matches. "This year we hope to double and maybe even triple the amount of money TLF generates from firm matches," say Carlos Romo, one of the coordinators of this year's pledge drive.

This year's Pledge Drive slogan was "What a difference a day's pay makes." In the end, thirty-three students gave a "day's pay" or more. One 1L even gave a "week's pay." The result: TLF fellows will receive a day's pay for their work in the public interest.

There were ten international and foreign law fellowships awarded by the Bernard and Audre Rapoport Center for Human Rights and Justice, with assistance from the Cain Foundation and five fellowships from the William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest Law.

The list of winning TLF applicants is available at TLF's website:

About Texas Law Fellowships

Texas Law Fellowships (TLF) is an entirely student run, 501(c)(3) tax exempt, non-profit organization devoted to funding law students in pursuit of public interest careers. Every year since 1986, students who have been offered an unpaid summer clerkship with a non-profit legal organization apply to receive up to $3800 each from TLF. The $3800 fellowships are made possible by the donations, pledges, and contributions from students, faculty, staff, firms, organizations, and the community. TLF raises money by organizing events and contacting private benefactors. Among TLF’s most important fund-raising events is the Spring Pledge Drive.

TLF believes that no legal education is complete unless it instills in students an obligation to contribute to the public good in exchange for the privilege of practicing law. We strive to create an environment at the University of Texas School of Law in which students can fully, effectively and easily serve the public interest.

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