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July 12, 2007

Professor Katherine Litvak presented at Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum

A scholarly paper by Professor Katherine Litvak of the University of Texas School of Law was selected for presentation at the eighth annual session of the prestigious Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum.

The topic for the 2007 session was law and dispute resolution. Professor Litvak’s paper, “The Impact of Litigation on Venture Capitalist Performance, Reputation, and Fundraising,” co-authored with Vladimir Atlanasov and Vladamir Ivanov, explores the potential for abuse of startup founders and other common stock shareholders by venture capitalists.

The Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum is dedicated to highlighting and promoting outstanding scholarly work and encouraging the exchange of ideas among the finest junior scholars in the nation. Papers written by a select group of these scholars, who are still in the first seven years of their progress toward university tenure, are presented to a distinguished panel of faculty members, peers, and invited guests, with two senior scholars discussing the papers.

The scholars selected for presentation benefit not only from the recognition of having their papers read but also from interaction with their peers and senior scholars. Professor Mitch Berman, one of three UT scholars presented at the forum in 2004, commented, “It was extremely useful to me. I received very high-level feedback from senior scholars in my field, in the form of very constructive criticism that helped me improve my paper.” Professor Berman added that the Law School was “very proud, but certainly not surprised” that Professor Litvak’s work was recognized and selected by the forum.

The papers presented at the 2007 session are listed at Professor Litvak’s paper is included under its original title, “VCs and the Expropriation of Entrepreneurs.”