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December 12, 2007

“Other George’s” exhibition unveiled at Law School

Pom (also goes by George), George’s Café, Fort Worth, Texas

George’s Liquor, Gainesville, Texas

George's Muffler, Fort Worth, Texas

In 2006 a generous donation from George Fleming, ’71, was used to renovate the school café into a beautiful, and now much-used, student commons called George’s Café. On Tuesday evening, December 11, 2007, Fleming, members of the faculty, alumni, and other guests celebrated the unveiling of a new exhibition of photographs at the Café.

At Dean Lawrence Sager’s suggestion, photographer Margot Hester traveled the state documenting different establishments that share the name “George’s.” The result of these explorations is a series of seventeen photographs that are both intriguing and revealing in the way they illustrate the vernacular landscape of Texas. Herster’s subjects include restaurants, a gun shop, a jewelry store, a muffler shop, and a bulldozer service. These images are now on permanent display at George’s Café.

“We are here today to unveil a series of photographs we call ‘Other George’s,” noted Sager during his introduction of Fleming at the exhibition’s opening, “but George Fleming is the one and only ‘George’ in our hearts. His generosity has created a remarkable space. I am deeply thankful for his loyalty to our school, and I am even more grateful on a personal level for his friendship.”

“I loved my time here at the Law School,” Fleming said. “It is my pleasure to help the school continue to provide a first-rate education to its students, and an important part of that is having a place for students to meet, work, and relax.”

A few of the photographs from the exhibit are shown here. Others may be found in the Fall 2007 issue of UT LAW magazine. To view the entire exhibit, you are invited to visit George’s Café at the University of Texas School of Law.