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January 18, 2008

UT Law Workshop on Law & Economics

Like most peer schools, UT runs a regular law and economics workshop, which brings in outside speakers who conduct research in the area of law, economics, and empirical research in law, broadly defined. The workshop for Spring 2008 is run by Professor Bernie Black, Hayden W. Head Regents Chair for Faculty Excellence and director of UT Law’s Center for Law, Business, and Economics (CLBE). The speakers are from a mixture of law schools, political science departments, and business schools. The papers are a mix of theory and empirical. Students can take the workshop as a course, which focuses on their presentation of written critiques of each of the papers presented in the workshop series.

In addition to the workshop, the Center for Law, Business, and Economics also hosts visiting scholars. Visiting this spring are:

The Center also runs a research paper series. The papers in the series are available at:

For more information on the Colloquium schedule, please visit:

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