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April 8, 2008

UT Law’s third annual Judicial Clerkship Workshop, April 10–11, 2008

UT Law students interested in judicial clerkships following graduation will have the opportunity to meet with judges and former judicial clerks representing both state and federal jurisdictions from around the country. The two-day workshop, to be held on Thursday and Friday, April 10 and 11, 2008, is organized by Professor Emily Kadens and the Law School’s Career Services Office. This year marks the third year for this workshop, which is part of a comprehensive program to inform students about judicial clerkship opportunities and to assist them with the application process.

The judicial clerkship program at UT Law helps UT Law students secure judicial clerkships by centralizing the application process, streamlining the obtaining of faculty recommendation letters, requiring one-on-one meetings between applicants and the Law School’s judicial clerkship faculty advisers, and organizing a series of presentations by judges and current and former law clerks.

This year’s judicial clerkship workshop includes thirteen judges representing state supreme courts, federal district courts, federal appellate courts, and specialized courts, such as the Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C., the Court of International Claims in New York, and U.S. bankruptcy courts. The judges will present panels on the clerkship experience at their courts and will lead small discussion sessions outlining the decision process they go through in writing opinions.

Widely praised by students, as well as by the participating judges and current and former law clerks, the Law School’s clerkship program is credited with dramatically increasing the number of UT law students who apply and are selected for judicial clerkships. In 2007, twenty-one UT law graduates clerked at the federal appellate level, compared to seven the previous year, and a total of sixty graduates of the Law School clerked for judges at the state and federal level in courts all around the country. The numbers for the 2008 term are similar.

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