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ACS National provides a fabulous networking community of progressives nationwide, in addition to several targeted educational and career opportunities for students. Board members (and a few regular members too) have attended the annual ACS National Convention over the summer and the ACS National Student Convention, typically receiving scholarship support to attend. ACS National has emphasized how important Texas is to it (and in particular, UT Law), and we have time and again received seen confirmation that we have a strong and respected voice at the student chapter table nationally--officially recognized by receiving ACS's Student Chapter of the Year award in 2013.

The primary responsibility for all board members is to organize 1-2 events per semester, in addition to participating in our decision-making and planning process. Executive board members (President and Vice Presidents) also help coordinate logistical and budgetary aspects of events and correspond with the national office. If you would like to get involved with the UT ACS Board, please contact

Becoming involved with The American Constitution Society at The University of Texas School of Law is easy! Join our Facebook page for a list of our upcoming events, which are open to students, faculty, practitioners, and the general public!

In addition, you can:

1. Become a 1L Rep!

Being a 1L rep means that you help let your classmates know about upcoming ACS events by helping us post ACS events on the Class of 2016 Facebook page and inviting your friends to attend the event (on Facebook and in person).

It's a great resume add with very low time commitment. If you're interested, email

2. Become a Member!

Joining as an official gives you access to the following benefits:

-- Local Chapter benefits:
----- Access to our outline bank
----- Access to our recent alumni list, with alumni who are interested in talking to you about their summer jobs and current jobs
----- Participation in monthly member calls with leading national progressive figures
-- National benefits:
----- Potential funding to attend Student Convention or National Convention
----- ACS's Jobs bank 
----- ACS's Career Interest form  
----- Access to the ACS & NLADA Public Defender Intern Matching Program

To become an official member, please join National ($10 student annual membership), and forward receipt of membership to

Board Descriptions

President: The President is the primary point person for bringing the ACS mission and vision to fruition at UT Law. S/he works closely with the executive board and event coordinators to ensure that ACS is bringing speakers and events on divergent, timely issues, and that ACS remains an important voice in the progressive movement at UT Law. S/he helps plan the semester’s events, keeps track of all the moving pieces, and serves as a representative for the organization to the UT Law administration, other student organizations, and external entities. The President also works closely with ACS National in all efforts, including ensuring that board members and student members are aware of, and strongly considered for, opportunities available through the national network.

Vice President – Administration: The VP of Administration coordinates with ACS National when needed and helps event coordinators with any necessary logistical coordination. The VP of Administration is responsible for reserving rooms for events, organizing board meetings, and updating the law school calendar. S/he also coordinates with UT Law administration to ensure that ACS is in compliance with all the student organization requirements.

Vice President – External Affairs: The VP of External Affairs is responsible for maintaining and building relationships with organizations within and outside the law school. The VP of External Affairs manages the chapter's relationship with the ACS Austin Lawyers Chapter (ACS-ALC), which includes (but is not limited to) planning networking happy hours, applying for CLE credit for student events, and finding additional ways to build the relationship between the UT and ACS-ALC chapters.

Vice President – Membership: The VP of Membership is the point-of-contact for the ACS student listserv and is responsible for recruiting students to get more involved in ACS, through management of 1L Representative recruitment and membership drive efforts. The VP of Membership also runs the mentorship program, which helps facilitate student members' career exploration. S/he will recruit students and attorneys for the ACS mentorship program, host a welcome meeting for mentees, and follow-up with mentorship pairs throughout the year.

Vice President – Publicity: The VP of Publicity is responsible for the organization’s visual representation around campus. S/he designs posters and flyers for the events that the chapter hosts and coordinates with other board members to help set up Facebook events. While graphic design experience is preferred, it is not strictly required.

Vice President – Treasury: The VP of Treasury's main responsibility is processing reimbursements for event coordinators and event speakers. S/he also communicates with ACS National about the events we plan to hold each month, how much we plan to spend (and on what) for each event, and the status of all reimbursements. The VP of Treasury may need to request additional funding for events from National as needed.

Event Coordinator: Event coordinators brainstorm, plan, and execute 1-2 events each semester. They typically work on these events in pairs with another board member or a 1L Representative. Event coordinators also attend board meetings and participate in the decision-making and planning process.