Book Exchange

The Student Bar Association sells used books through the Book Exchange, located in the SBA offices in Townes Hall (TNH 2.128). Purchasing used books from SBA Book Exchange instead of new books at the Co-op will save you 40%.

Regular hours for the SBA Book Exchange, the SBA office, and Student Org Central are Monday through Thursday 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

General Information

  • Books may be sold by SBA members (all law students are members) on consignment through the book exchange.
  • The SBA publishes a list of sold books, and the consignor may request payment for books sold, minus a commission.
  • The SBA reserves the right to discard old editions and books left over one year.
  • Books purchased through the Book Exchange may be returned for an exchange or refund until the 12th class day during the long semesters. After the 12th class day, we begin paying sellers of sold books and no refunds or exchanges are permitted—no exceptions.

Sold Book List - Updated April 2013

Check the sale list to see if your books have been sold. The list is updated twice a year: once in the fall and once in the spring. The list is sorted by last name, and includes all the sales for the previous 12 months. If one or more of your books have been sold, print out the check request form and turn it into the SBA office.

If you are not able to turn in the check request form to the SBA office, for example, if you are studying abroad this fall, then you can wait until you return next semester to claim your funds.

SBA Executive Board

President: Angela Daniel
VP Operations: Jordan Silverman
VP Programming: Kirstyn Kelley
Treasurer: Ryan Phelps
Secretary: Daniella Martinez


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