Constitution of the Student Bar Association

SBA Constitution

Article I: Establishment
Section 1: Name
The name of the organization is The University of Texas Student Bar Association.
Section 2: Objectives
The objectives of The University of Texas Student Bar Association are:
A. To direct the efforts of the members in matters directly affecting the students of the School of Law
B. To encourage association between its members and the faculty, the administration, and the legal profession.
C. To instill in its members an appreciation for fair and impartial administration of justice.
Article II: Membership
All students officially enrolled in The University of Texas School of Law are members of the Student Bar Association.
Article III: The Board of Governors
Section 1: Composition
A Board of Governors shall serve as the governing body of the University of Texas Student Bar Association. The Board of Governors of the Association is composed of the President, Vice President of Operations, Vice-President of Programming, Secretary, Treasurer, three representatives from the Senior class, three representatives from the Mid-law class, one representative from each Freshlaw section, the Senate of College Councils Representative, the American Bar Association/Law Student Division representative, the Texas Bar Association representative, the Junior Texas Bar Association Representative, and the Editor of The Writ.
Section 2: Votes Required
All Actions taken by the Board of Governors require a majority vote of the Board members. Each member of the Board of Governors may cast one vote on each question considered by the Board.

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SBA Executive Board

President: Angela Daniel
VP Operations: Jordan Silverman
VP Programming: Kirstyn Kelley
Treasurer: Ryan Phelps
Secretary: Daniella Martinez


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