Constitution of the Student Bar Association

Article IV: Duties
Section 1: Officers
The officers of the Association shall consist of a President, a Vice-President of Operations, a Vice President of Programming, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. These officers shall be nominated and elected as provided in the Election Code of the Association.
Section 2: President
A. Duties
The President shall preside at meetings of the Association and the Board of Governors, appoint necessary committees, and perform the duties generally devolving of the office. The President may excuse Board members from attendance and performance of duties for just cause, at the President's discretion. The President shall act as the official liaison of the Student Bar Association to the University faculty, staff and administration.
B. Student-Faculty Committees
The President shall submit nominees for the Student-Faculty committees. Nominees shall appear before the Board for conformation by majority vote before the names are submitted to the Dean. One student appointed to each committee shall be designated chairperson of the student membership of that committee by the President. The Chairperson shall have the duty to report to the Board at least twice per semester on the activities of the committee and shall submit a written report once each semester.
C. The Students’ Association Appellate Court
The President shall appoint with the Dean of the Law School two (2) law students and one faculty member of the Law School to serve as the Appellate Court for the Students’ Association of the University of Texas. The Appellate Court is established by Article 6.3 of the Students’ Association’s Constitution.
D. Chief of Staff
The President may appoint a Chief of Staff to aid the President in all official duties. The Chief of Staff serves solely at the pleasure of the President and is subject to appointment and dismissal without a vote of the Board of Governors. The assistant to the President shall be entitled to attend executive sessions of the officers and to attend all Board of Governors meetings but may not vote individually. The Chief of Staff, however, may serve as the President's proxy.

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SBA Executive Board

President: Angela Daniel
VP Operations: Jordan Silverman
VP Programming: Kirstyn Kelley
Treasurer: Ryan Phelps
Secretary: Daniella Martinez


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