Constitution of the Student Bar Association

Article IV: Duties
Section 6: Treasurer
The Treasurer shall keep a permanent record of all financial matters of the Association and of the Board of Governors, and shall perform the duties generally devolving on the office. The Treasurer is also charged with producing any financial record or document that is requested by a majority of the Board of Governors or ten percent 10%) of the members of the Association by petition.
Section 7: ABA/LSD and TBA Representatives
The American Bar Association, Texas Bar Association, and Junior Texas Bar Association Representatives shall attend all appropriate conventions and meeting where the University of Texas School of Law is expected to have representation. The representatives will also serve as a liaison to law students by encouraging membership and distributing information on Bar services.
Section 8: Representatives
All members of the Board of Governors are charged with responsibility representing the constituency from which they were elected, and informing that constituency of Board Actions.
Section 8: Editor of the Writ
The Editor of the Writ shall publish The Writ, a law school newsletter, biweekly during the fall and spring terms. The Writ shall be used to disseminate information to the Association members.
Section 9: Senate of College Councils Representative
The representative of the Senate of College Councils shall attend the regular meetings of the council and shall represent the law school at such meeting. The representative shall make a report, as necessary, at regular and special meetings of the Board of Governors.

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SBA Executive Board

President: Angela Daniel
VP Operations: Jordan Silverman
VP Programming: Kirstyn Kelley
Treasurer: Ryan Phelps
Secretary: Daniella Martinez


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