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What the students successfully publish in hardcopy and other media here
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The University of Texas School of Law Publications Department assists students with journal media publication, event management, and financial administration. The Department also provides sales support for student-edited serials subscriptions and reference manuals to a world-wide audience of legal scholars and practitioners.


Every year, over six hundred students voluntarily compete for the opportunity to participate in the combined production of more than thirty-five issues containing well over 5,000 pages of unique legal analysis. The student organizations that publish UT Law journals also host a variety of Continuing Legal Education (CLE)-approved conferences, many of which also produce publishable content. Funding for publications and activities is primarily provided by sales and donor support, with no direct financial support provided by the School or the State.


UT Law student-edited, student-operated serials represent a particularly wide spectrum of legal, political, and social perspectives.

Texas Law Review is a premier legal resource now in its 88th year of publication. The Review's staff of over one hundred students edits and publishes seven issues a year containing articles by professors, judges, and practitioners, reviews of recent books from recognized experts, essays, commentaries, and student-written notes.
The Review publishes two successful reference manuals, the Texas Rules of Form and the nationally recognized Manual on Usage & Style. The Review also publishes an online companion to the journal called, See Also,

Texas International Law Journal is among the oldest student-published international law journals in the United States and is also staffed by over one hundred students. The Journal seeks to advance legal scholarship through feature articles, essays, student notes, and book reviews relevant to international legal scholars and practitioners.
The Journal also publishes an online companion to the printed issues, called the Forum,

The Review of Litigation is devoted to the process of litigation by balancing the interests of academia with pragmatic issues important to practicing attorneys and judges. The Review publishes on topics related to procedure, evidence, trial and appellate advocacy, alternative dispute resolution, and often-litigated substantive law. The Review is a respected and highly cited specialty journal by United States courts.

The national and international legal community further benefits from our coverage of:

significant and innovative contributions to intellectual property law
Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal,;

improvement in the administration of criminal justice
American Journal of Criminal Law,;

civil liberties and civil rights around the State, the Nation, and the World
Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights,;

thoughtful and intellectually rigorous conservative articles that can serve as blueprints for constructive legal reform
Texas Review of Law & Politics,;

legal scholarship that explores the intersection of culture, race, and socio-economics with feminism
Texas Journal of Women and the Law,;

Latino legal and public policy issues
Texas Hispanic Journal of Law & Policy,;

the fields of entertainment and sports related to the intersection of law and society
Texas Review of Entertainment and Sports Law,;

scholarship in the energy legal field
Texas Journal of Oil, Gas & Energy Law,;

timely and practical information about developments in environmental law
Texas Environmental Law Journal,

While UT Law journal variety, scope, and depth of student-edited legal publication may satisfy the School's educational mandate, benefits of the journals to the legal community simply begin at hardcopy and electronic distribution. These compelling materials are regularly cited in courts around the world. The publication of valuable reference materials benefit courts, lawyers, students and faculty across the nation. Annual Continuing Legal Education (CLE)-approved symposia and conferences provide students unique opportunities to meet, learn, and work with the best and brightest practitioners in the industry. Published professors more easily gain tenure. Student editors attain prominent employment through demonstration of their leadership, work ethic, research, and editorial abilities. As the School’s nameplate, student-edited legal publications act as testimony to successes in educational productivity.

For more information about how to begin or continue your relationship with UT Law journals, feel free to order off the Department's website or email here,

These journals and reviews are not official publications of The University of Texas or the School of Law and they do not represent the views of the law school or its officers.