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CURRENT LOCATION: Publications - Latest Releases and News - SEPTEMBER 2012 THRU AUGUST 2013

September 1, 2012 thru August 31, 2013
What's New at The University of Texas School of Law Publications

September, 2013

Texas Review of Entertainment & Sports Law [more info]
Volume 14, Number 2, Spring 2013 [click here to order, $25.00 ]

Taxing Missy: Operation Gold and the 2012 Proposed Olympic Tax Elimination Act, 95
Kathryn Kisska-Schulze and Adam Epstein

Restoring Integrity to America's Pastime: Moving Towards a More Normative Approach to Cheating in Baseball, 119
Garrett R. Broshuis

Beyond Brady and Anthony: The Contemporary Role of Antitrust Law in the Collective Bargaining Process, 147
Kemper C. Powell

Collective Sanctions: Learning from the NFL's Justifiable Use of Group Punishment, 165
Laura Peterson

Fan Activities from P2P File Sharing to Fansubs and Fan Fiction: Motivations, Policy Concerns, and Recommendations, 181
Tiffany Lee

American Journal of Criminal Law [more info]
Volume 40, Number 3, Summer 2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

No Contest: Why Protective Orders Provide Victims Superior Protection to Bond Conditions, 227
Paula Pierce and Brian Quillen

Drawing Sensible Borders for the Definition of “Foreign Official” Under the FCPA, 253
Alexander G. Hughes

A Principled Approach to the Standard of Proof for Affirmative Defenses in Criminal Trials, 281
Jonathan Levy

Fishing with Landmines: Healthcare Fraud and the Civil False Claims Act—Where We Are, How We Got Here, and the Case for More Trials, 301
Joseph W. Golinkin II

August, 2013

Texas Journal of Women and the Law [more info]
Volume 22, Number 2, Spring 2013 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

“Small Town Values” and “The Gay Problem:” How Do We Apply Tinker and Its Progeny to LGBTQA Speech in Schools?, 131
Sara Nau

Chieftainship Succession and Gender Equality in Lesotho: Negotiating the Right to Equality in a Jungle of Pluralism, 157
Laurence Juma

Afraid of Who You Are: No Promo Homo Laws in Public School, 219
Leora Hoshall

Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal [more info]
Volume 21, Number 2, 2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Aesthetic Functionality, 155
Michael S. Mireles, Jr.

Biopharmaceuticals Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Determining the Appropriate Market and Data Exclusivity Periods, 213
Donna M. Gitter

The Past and Future of Admitted Prior Art, 237
Moshe Wilensky

Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't, and Damned in Between: An Economic Approach to the Cross-Market Repercussions of the Application of 35 U.S.C. § 271 to Internationally Implemented Process Patents, 255
Alejandro Valencia

The Review of Litigation [more info]
Volume 32, Number 3, Summer 2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Trial by Agreement: How Trial Lawyers Hold the Key to Improving Jury Trials in Civil Cases, 431
Stephen D. Susman & Thomas M. Melsheimer

Ethics Rules in Practice: An Analysis of Model Rules 5.6(b) and Its Impact on Finality in Mass Tort Settlements, 467
Ronnie Gomez

The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation: Now a Strengthened Traffic Cop for Patent Venue, 497
Paul M. Janicke

Name the Harm: Betrayal Aversion and Jury Damage Awards in Safety Product Liability Cases, 525
Jim Norman

The Next Generation of Disparate Treatment: A Merger of Law and Social Science, 553
Michelle R. Gomez

The Review of Litigation [more info]
Volume 32, Number 2, Spring 2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

The Need for Truly Systemic Analysis of Proposals for the Reform of Both Pretrial Practice and Evidentiary Rules: The Role of the Law of Unintended Consequences in “Litigation” Reform, 201
Edward J. Imwinkelried

Army Lessons for Lawyer-Leaders, 239
Jillian Trezza

Ethics, Justice, and Prosecution, 279
Don J. DeGabrielle and Eliot F. Turner

Reevaluating Proposals for Tort Claims Markets in a World of Mass Tort Litigation, 299
Ryan Guerrero

The Bankruptcy Auction as a Game—Designing an Optimal Auction in Bankruptcy, 323
Yaad Rotem and Omer Dekel

Once Byten, Twice Shy: Preservation and Production of Electronic Healthcare Records, 395
Jennifer A. Albert

Texas Journal of Oil, Gas, and Energy Law [more info]
Volume 8, Number 2, 2012-2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

In the Wake of the Shale Revolution: A Primer on Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Chemical Disclosure, 249
John D. Furlow and Corinne V. Snow

Interregional Coordination of Electric Transmission and its Impact on Texas Wind, 309
David A. King

Does a Good Deed Go Unpunished? The Availability of Responder Immunity in an Oil Pollution Response, 349
Michael J. Wray and Rachel Reese

Note & Comment
Alternative Energy in the U.S. Energy Supply: Current Trends and Recommendations for the Future, 383
Jaron L. Hudgins

Recent Developments
Recent Developments in Texas and United States Energy Law, 421
Contributions from : Charles Nixon, Mary Sabina Peters, Manu Kumar

Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal [more info]
Volume 21, Number 1, 2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

A Dynamic Framework for Patent Claim Construction: Insights from a Philosophical Hermeneutic Study, 1
Huang Yan

Narrativizing the Architectural Copyright Act: Another View of the Cathedral, 33
Xiyin Tang

Overview of the New Patent Law of the United States, 63
Paul M. Janicke

The Dubious Legal Rationale for Denying Copyright to Fashion, 89
Samson Vermont

Strategies to Save Resources and Reduce E-Discovery Costs in Patent Litigation, 103
Peter J. Corcoran, III

Patent Law 101: The Threshold Test as Threshing Machine, 135
David Swetnam-Burland & Stacy O. Stitham

Texas Review of Law & Politics [more info]
Volume 17, Number 2, Spring 2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

So It's a Tax, Now What?: Some of the Problems Remaining After NFIB v. Sebelius, 203
Timothy Sandefur

The Legal Landscape of “Fracking”: The Oil and Gas Industry's Game Changing Technique Is Its Biggest Hurdle, 239
Jason Schumacher & Jennifer Morrissey

Justice Holmes and Conservatism, 305
Allen Mendenhall

Showcase Panel IV: An Examination of Substantive Due Process and Judicial Activism
The Federalist Society 2012 National Lawyers Convention, 315
Hon. J. Harvie Wilkinson III, Steven G. Calabresi, Mark V. Tushnet, William H. “Chip” Mellor, Hon. Walter E. Dellinger III, Nelson R. Lund, Hon. Edith H. Jones

Book Review
Rules for Rulers: A Wall of Separation Between Law and Policy, 351
Evan A. Young

June, 2013

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 91, Number 7, June 2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Constitutional Foundations
Introduction: Footholds of Constitutional Interpretation, 1593
Alexander Tsesis

Maxim Constitutionalism: Liberal Equality for the Common Good, 1609
Alexander Tsesis

Verdi's High C, 1687
Jack M. Balkin

Precedent and Jurisprudential Disagreement, 1711
Amy Coney Barrett

Pluralistic Nonoriginalism and the Combinability Problem, 1739
Mitchell N. Berman & Kevin Toh

Are We All Originalists Now? I Hope Not!, 1785
James E. Fleming

Resistance to Constitutional Theory: The Supreme Court, Constitutional Change, and the “Pragmatic Moment”, 1815
B. Jessie Hill

Settled Versus Right: Constitutional Method and the Path of Precedent, 1843
Randy J. Kozel

Administrative Constitutionalism, 1897
Gillian E. Metzger

Collective Action Federalism and Its Discontents, 1937
Neil S. Siegel

We the People, They the People, and the Puzzle of Democratic Constitutionalism, 1937
David A. Strauss

Constitution-Making: An Introduction, 1969
Mark Tushnet

Property and Change: The Constitutional Conundrum, 2015
Laura S. Underkuffler

Texas International Law Journal [more info]
Volume 48, Number 3, Summer 2013 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

Symposium Articles
Introduction: Lessons from the History of Custom, 349
Emily Kadens

In the Name of Custom, Culture, and the Constitution: Korean Customary Law in Flux, 357
Marie Seong-Hak Kim

Legal Autonomy Versus Regulatory Law: Customary Law in East Nordic Countries, 393
Kjell Å Modéer

Western Scandinavia: Exit Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch—The Resurrection of Customary Laws, 405
Peter Ørebech

False Jurisdictions? A Revisionist Take on Customary (Religious) Law in Germany, 435
Pascale Fournier & Pascal McDougall

The Law and Economics of Norms, 465
Juliet P. Kostritsky

Custom in American Property Law: A Vanishing Act, 507
Henry E. Smith

The Jurisprudence of Custom, 523
Frederick Schauer
Contextualizing Legitimacy, 535
Kish Vinayagamoorthy
Why a War Without a Name May Need One: Policy-Based Application of International Humanitarian Law in the Algerian War, 575
Katherine Draper

Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights [more info]
Volume 18, Number 1, Fall 2012 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

The Other 99% of the Expressive Conduct Doctrine: The Occupy Wall Street Movement and the Importance of Recognizing the Contribution of Conduct to Speech, 1
Kristie LaSalle

The Norman/Friedman Principle: Equal Rights to Information and Technology Access, 47
Joshua L. Friedman & Gary C. Norman
Equitable Access: Examining Information Asymmetry in Reverse Redlining Claims Through Critical Race Theory, 101
Charles Falck

Finding the Sweet Spot: Deference in Redistricting, 121
Meredith C. Kincaid

American Journal of Criminal Law [more info]
Volume 40, Number 2, Spring 2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Constitutional Penumbras and Prophylactic Rights: The Right to Counsel and the “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree”, 111
Michael A. Cantrell

A Presumptive In-Custody Analysis to Police-Conducted School Interrogations, 145
Sally Terry Green

Florence and the Machine: The Supreme Court Upholds Suspicionless Strip Searches Resulting from Computer Error, 173
George M. Dery, III
Understanding Hate Crime Statutes and Building Towards a Better System in Texas, 197
Ben Gillis

May, 2013

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 91, Number 6, May 2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Coercion, Compulsion, and the Medicaid Expansion: A Study in the Doctrine of Unconstitutional Conditions, 1283
Mitchell N. Berman

Deference Lotteries, 1349
Jud Mathews

Book Reviews
Copyright's Cultural Turn, 1397
Anupam Chander & Madhavi Sunder
reviewing Julie E. Cohen's
Configuring the Networked Self: Law, Code, and the Play of Everyday Practice

Purposive Hopes for Better IP, 1413
John M. Golden
reviewing Christina Bonhannan & Herbert Hovenkamp's
Creation Without Restraint: Promoting Liberty and Rivalry in Innovation
Taking Hearers Seriously, 1425
Burt Neuborne

Constitutional Adjudication, Free Expression, and the Fashionable Art of Corporation Bashing, 1447
Martin H. Redish & Peter B. Siegal
both reviewing Tamara R. Piety's
Brandishing the First Amendment: Commercial Expression in America
Changing the Litigation Game: An Ex Ante Perspective on Contractualized Procedures, 1475
Daphna Kapeliuk & Alon Klement

No Mere “Matter of Choice”: The Harm of Accent Preferences and English-Only Rules, 1495
Braden Beard

Can Insurgent Courts Be Legitimate Within International Humanitarian Law?, 1525
Parth S. Gejji

Voluntary Incentive Auctions and the Benefits of Full Relinquishment, 1561
Michael Selkirk

Texas International Law Journal [more info]
Volume 48, Number 2, Spring 2013 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

The Right to Leave the Eurozone, 125
Jens C. Dammann

The Financial Stability Board: The New Politics of International Financial Regulations, 157
Stavros Gadinis

Organizational Choices of Banks and the Effective Supervision of Transnational Financial Institutions, 177
Tobias H. Tröger

Amending the National Constitutions to Save the Euro: Is This the Right Strategy?, 223
Victor Ferreres Comella

Narratives of the European Crisis and the Future of (Social) Europe, 241
Philomila Tsoukala

Combating the Financial Crisis: European and German Corporate and Securities Laws and the Case for Abolishing Sovereign Debtors' Privileges, 269
Christine Kersting
A Critical Look at the Current International Response to Combat Trade-Based Money Laundering: The Risk-Based Customs Audit as a Solution, 325
Laura Hoffmann

The Review of Litigation [more info]
Volume 32, Number 1, Winter 2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

The Problem of Partisian Experts and the Potential for Reform Through Concurrent Evidence, 1
David Sonenshein & Charles Fitzpatrick

Mandating Injustice: The Preponderance of the Evidence Mandate Creates a New Threat to Due Process on Campus, 65
Ryan Ellis

Tricks and Traps of Pre-Arbitration Discovery, 91
Jessica B. Pulliam

The Psychology of Unknowing: Inadmissible Evidence in Jury and Bench Trials, 117
Madelyn Chortek

Beyond “Because I Said So”: Reconciling Civil Retroactivity Analysis in Immigration Cases with a Protective Lenity Principle, 147
Kate Aschenbrenner

April, 2013

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 91, Number 5, April 2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

The Wires Go to War: The U.S. Experiment with Government Ownership of the Telephone System During World War I, 983
Michael A. Janson & Christopher S. Yoo

Remapping the Path Forward: Toward a Systemic View of Forensic Science Reform and Oversight, 1051
Jennifer E. Laurin

Book Reviews
What Do We Talk About When We Talk About the Constitution?, 1119
Akhil Reed Amar & Sanford Levinson
reviewing Akhil Reed Amar's
America's Unwritten Constitution: The Precedents and Principles We Live By

and Sanford Levinson's
Framed: America's 51 Constitutions and the Crisis of Governance
Unsettling the Settled: Challenging the Great and Not-So-Great Compromises in the Constitution, 1149
Robert F. Williams
also reviewing Sanford Levinson's
Framed: America's 51 Constitutions and the Crisis of Governance
The Limits of Antitrust Scholarship, 1165
Barak Orbach
reviewing The Global Limits of Competition Law
Stirring the Melting Pot: A Recipe for Immigrant Acceptance, 1171
Michael Scaperlanda
reviewing Philip Kretsedemas's
The Immigration Crucible: Transforming Race, Nation, and the Limits of the Law
Making Sense of the Marriage Debate, 1185
Jane S. Schacter
reviewing Michael J. Klarman's
From the Closet to the Altar: Courts, Backlash, and the Struggle for Same-Sex Marriage
Jury Unanimity and the Problem with Specificity: Trying to Understand What Jurors Must Agree About by Examining the Problem of Prosecuting Child Molesters, 1203
Brian Bah

U-Turns on the One-Way Street: Public Rights and Representation Theory in Patent Validity Litigation, 1227
Brett Rosenthal

Pursuing Academic Freedom After Garcetti v. Ceballos, 1253
Lauren K. Ross

Texas Environmental Law Journal [more info]
Volume 43, Number 1, Fall 2012 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Emerging Trends in the Regulation of Stormwater, 1
Stefanie Pennington Albright

The “Wetlands Adjacent to Non-Navigable Waters” Less Traveled: Clean Water Act Jurisdiction and the Fifth Circuit, 19
Clifton Cottrell
The Status of Environmental Class Action Post Wal-mart v. Dukes, 51
Callan Edquist

The Texas Oil and Gas Industry vs. the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard: How the Texas Habitat Conservation Plan Saved More Than Just a Lizard, 71
Nicolas Parke
Recent Developments
Air Quality — John B. Turney, Julie Patel, 101
Natural Resources — Aileen M. Hooks, Sarah C. Wells, 103
Solid Waste — Ali Abazari, David Munden, 106
Water Quality and Utilities — Emily Rogers, Matt Pierce, 108
Water Rights — Robin Smith, Samia Rogers, 113
Casenotes: Federal — David J. Klein, Alessandra Allen, 117
Casenotes: State — Howard Slobodin, Catherine Wagner, Stacie M. Dowell, 120
Washington Update — Laura LaValle, Gabriella Gonzalez, 124
State Bar Section News, 127

Texas Hispanic Journal of Law & Policy [more info]
Volume 18, Number 1, Fall 2012 [click here to order, $30.00 ]

To Include or Exclude: A Comparative Study of State Laws on In-State Tuition for Undocumented Students in the United States, 1
Julie Stewart & Thomas Christian Quinn

The Birthright Citizenship Controversy: A Study of Conservative Substance and Rhetoric, 49
Allen R. Kamp
The Future of English Language Learner Education: The Need for Dedicated Advocacy Through Litigation and Legislation, 81
Elizabeth Fenner

American Journal of Criminal Law [more info]
Volume 40, Number 1, Fall 2012 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Seventeen, Going on Eighteen: An Operational and Fiscal Analysis of a Proposal to Raise the Age of Juvenile Jurisdiction in Texas, 1
Michele Deitch, Rebecca Breeden, Ross Weingarten

The Supposed Strength of Hopelessness: The Supreme Court Further Undermines Miranda in Howes v. Fields, 69
George M. Dery, III
“Ag-Gag” Legislation and Public Choice Theory: Maintaining a Diffuse Public by Limiting Information, 95
Jessica Pitts

March, 2013

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 91, Number 4, March 2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Legal Realism Untamed, 749
Frederick Schauer

Dream On: The Obama Administration's Nonenforcement of Immigration Laws, the DREAM Act, and the Take Care Clause, 781
Robert J. Delahunty & John C. Yoo

Book Reviews
Time Out of Joint, 859
Kenneth Anderson
reviewing Mary L. Dudziak's
War Time: An Idea, Its History, Its Consequences

In the Interests of Avoiding Further Federal “Quackery”, 889
Holly J. Gregory & Rebecca C. Grapsas
reviewing Stephen M. Bainbridge's
Corporate Governance After the Financial Crisis

Shleifer's Failure, 899
Jonathan Klick
reviewing Andrei Shleifer's
The Failure of Judges and the Rise of Regulators

Sublime Myths: An Essay in Honor of the Shareholder Value Myth and the Tooth Fairy, 911
Jonathan Macey
reviewing Lynn Stout's
The Shareholder Value Myth: How Putting Shareholders First Harms Investors, Corporations, and the Public

Targeted Killings from Many Perspectives, 925
Abraham D. Sofaer
reviewing Targeted Killings: Law and Morality n an Asymmetrical World

Property Taxes and Community Land Trusts: A Middle Ground, 939
Alese Bagdol

Applying State Contingency Fee Caps in Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) Settlements, 961
Monica Hughes

Texas Journal of Oil, Gas, and Energy Law [more info]
Volume 8, Number 1, 2012-2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Publicly Traded Oil & Gas Royalty Trusts, 1
Lindsay J. Heyen

Does He Who own the “Minerals” Own the Shale Gas? A Guide to Shale Mineral Classification, 27
Mikal C. Watts and Emily C. Jeffcott

U.S. LNG Export Projects: Regulatory Outlook and Contracting Mechanisms, 61
Matt Salo, Monica Hwang, and Kenneth S. Culotta

An Opportunity for Progress: China, Central Asia, and the Energy Charter Treaty, 111
Noriko Yodogawa and Alexander M. Peterson

Building a Sustainable Energy Future: Offering a Solution to the Nuclear Waste Disposal Problem Through Reprocessing and the Rebirth of Yucca Mountain, 143
Debra J. Carfora

Note & Comment
Eminent Domain, Denbury, and the Keystone XL Pipeline, 177
Dave Player

Recent Developments
Recent Developments in Texas and United States Energy Law, 195
Contributions from : Scott Lansdown, Samuel E. Crowe

February, 2013

Texas Review of Entertainment & Sports Law [more info]
Volume 14, Number 1, Fall 2012 [click here to order, $25.00 ]

Game On: Sports-Related Games and the Contentious Interplay Between the Right of Publicity and the First Amendment, 1
Timothy J. Bucher

Cyber-Plagiarism for Sale!: The Growing Problem of Blatant Copyright Infringement in Online Digital Media Stores, 25
Sam Castree III

South Park & the Law, 47
Kristen Chiger

Foul Territory: Identifying Media Restrictions in High School Athletics Outside the Bounds of First Amendment Values, 59
Michelle Newman

Update: The Curious Cases of Oscar Pistorius & Caster, 89
Aiden Johnson

Title IX Turn 40: A Brief History and Look Forward, 91
Maggie Jo Poertner Buchanan

February, 2013

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 91, Number 3, February 2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Statutes in Common Law Courts, 479
Jeffrey A. Pojanowski

The New General Common Law of Severability, 543
Ryan Scoville
Book Reviews
When History Mattered, 601
Alfred L. Brophy

The Unrecognized Triumph of Historical Jurisprudence, 615
Brian Z. Tamanaha
both reviewing David M. Rabban's
Law's History: American Legal Thought and the Transatlantic Turn to History

Independence and Accountability in State Judicial Selection, 633
John Dinan

The Relative Concept of Judicial Independence, 651
Mark S. Hurwitz
both reviewing Jed Handelsman Shugerman's
The People's Courts: Pursuing Judicial Independence in America
Arbitration Under Siege: Reforming Consumer and Employment Arbitration and Class Actions, 665
George Padis

More Flies with Honey: Encouraging Formal Channel Remittances to Combat Money Laundering, 711
Colin Watterson

Texas Journal of Women and the Law [more info]
Volume 22, Number 1, Fall 2012 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

Dirty Harry Meets Dirty Diapers: Masculinities, At-Home Fathers, and Making the Law Work for Families, 1
Beth A. Burkstrand-Reid

Obscene Squirting: If the Government Thinks It's Urine, Then They've Got Another Thing Coming, 45
Carmen M. Cusack

Security, Gender and Post-Conflict Reconstruction: The Need for a “Womand Question” When Engaging in Reconstruction, 71
Isaac Kfir

Now and Then: How Coverture Idealogy Informs the Rhetoric of Abortion, 113
Maggie Cheu

Texas Review of Law & Politics [more info]
Volume 17, Number 1, Fall 2012 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Like Eastwood Talking to a Chair: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Obamacare Ruling, 1
Ilya Shapiro

The Legal Ramifications of Public Pension Reform, 25
Stuart Buck

Leveling the Playing Field in David v. Goliath: Remedies to Agency Overreach, 97
Damien M. Schiff & Luke A. Wake

How the Constitutions of the Thirty-Seven States in Effect when the Fourteenth Amendment Was Adopted Demonstrate that the Governmental Endorsement Test in Establishment Clause Jurisprudence Is Contrary to American History and Tradition, 125
E. Duncan Getchell, Jr. & Michael H. Brady
Book Review
What Were They Thinking? Examining the Intellectual Inspirations of the Framers and Opponents of the United States Constitution, 185
Benjamin A. Geslison

Texas International Law Journal [more info]
Volume 48, Number 1, Fall 2012 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

Leaving the FDA Behind: Pharmaceutical Outsourcing and Drug Safety, 1
Chenglin Liu

Beyond Ruggie's Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: Charting an Embracive Approach to Corporate Human Rights Compliance, 33
Robert C. Blitt

Tracking Genocide: Persecution of the Karen in Burma, 63
Jay Milbrandt

The Limits of Economic Sanctions Under International Humanitarian Law: The Case of the Congo, 103
Mallory Owen

December, 2012

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 91, Number 2, December 2012 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Exchanging Information Without Intellectual Property, 227
Michael J. Burstein

Solving the Patent Settlement Puzzle, 283
Einer Elhauge & Alex Krueger
Book Reviews
Henry Friendly: The Judge, the Man, the Book, 331
Mary Coombs

On Becoming a Great Judge: The Life of Henry J. Friendly, 339
Frederick T. Davis
Henry Friendly: As Brilliant as Expected but Less Predictable, 345
all reviewing David M. Dorsen's
Henry Friendly: Greatest Judge of his Era

Assembly Resurrected, 351
Ashutosh A. Bhagwat

Recovering the Assembly Clause, 375
Timothy Zick
both reviewing John D. Inazu's
Liberty's Refuge: The Forgotten Freedom of Assembly
What Is the Essential Fourth Amendment?, 403
Christopher Slobogin reviewing Stephen J. Schulhofer's
More Essential Than Ever: The Fourth Amendment in the Twenty-First Century
Arbitration Under Siege: Reforming Consumer and Employment Arbitration and Class Actions, 665
George Padis

More Flies with Honey: Encouraging Formal Channel Remittances to Combat Money Laundering, 711
Colin Watterson

The Review of Litigation [more info]
Volume 31, Number 4, Symposium 2012 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Large-Scale Litigation Issues: Class Actions and Mass Tort Cases in 2012 and Beyond, 747
Ettie Ward

A New Model of Plaintiffs' Class Action Attorneys, 757
Morris Ratner

Mass Tort Funds and the Election of Remedies: The Need for Informed Consent, 833
Linda S. Mullenix

Secret Class Action Settlements, 889
Rhonda Wasserman

Separation of Powers and Second Opinions: Protecting the Government's Role in Developing the Law by Limiting Nationwide Class Actions Against the Federal Government, 943
Michelle R. Slack

Beyond Transfer: Coordination of Complex Litigation in State and Federal Courts in the Twenty-First Century, 997
Catherine R. Borden & Emery G. Lee III

November, 2012

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 91, Number 1, November 2012 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Justice John Paul Stevens, 1
The Supreme Court's Contemporary Silver Platter Doctrine, 7
David Gray, Meagan Cooper & David McAloon

Speaking Truth to Firepower: How the First Amendment Destabilizes the Second, 49
Gregory P. Magarian
Book Reviews
How Do We Redeem the Time?, 101
Stephen M. Griffin

Reconstruction and Resistance, 121
Kermit Roosevelt III

Faith and Fidelity: Originalism and the Possibility of Constitutional Redemption, 147
Lawrence B. Solum
all reviewing Jack M. Balkin's
Constitutional Redemption: Political Faith in an Unjust World
and Living Originalism
Resolving the Circuit Split on Defense Witness Immunity: How the Prosecutorial Misconduct Test Has Failed Defendants and What the Supreme Court Should Do About It, 175
Nathaniel Lipanovich

Luddites No Longer: Adopting the Technology Tutorial at the Supreme Court, 199
Karson Thompson

Texas Review of Entertainment & Sports Law [more info]
Volume 13, Number 2, Spring 2012 [click here to order, $25.00 ]

Field of Broken Dreams: The Quest for Rule-of-Law in Sports Litigation Reviewing Roger I. Abrams, Sports Justice: The Law & Business of Sports, 103
Geoffrey Christopher Rapp

When “Ripped from the Headlines” Means “See You in Court”: Libel by Fiction and the Tort-Law Twist on a Controversial Defamation Concept, 117
Robert D. Richards
To Share or Not to Share: Revenue Sharing Structures in Professional Sports, 139
Justin R. Hunt

A Dirty Game: Trusting the National Hockey League to Play Judge, Jury, and Executioner, 179
Jennifer A. Wood

Texas Environmental Law Journal [more info]
Volume 42, Number 3, Summer 2012 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Greenhouse Gas PSD Permitting: The Year in Review, 233
Margaret E. Peloso & Matthew Dobbins

Groundwater District Enforcement, 299
Deborah Clarke Trejo
Biodegradable Plastics: A Stopgap Solution for the Intractable Marine Debris Problem, 307
Olga Goldberg

Government Intervention in Clean Energy Technology During the Recession, 347
Aaron Tucker
Recent Developments
Air Quality — John B. Turney, Samia Rogers, 373
Natural Resources — Aileen M. Hooks, David Munden, 376
Solid Waste — Ali Abazari, Colleen Lenahan, 379
Water Quality and Utilities — Emily Rogers, Shelby Gutierrez, 381
Water Rights — Robin Smith, Aaron Tucker, 384
Casenotes: Federal — David J. Klein, Matt Parks, 388
Casenotes: State — Howard Slobodin, Mayson Pearson, Jacob Alford, 390
Publications — Joshua D. Katz, Gabriella Gutierrez, 395
Washington Update — John B. Turney, Rachael K. Jones, 397
State Bar Section News, 403

American Journal of Criminal Law [more info]
Volume 39, Number 3, Summer 2012 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Predators and Propensity: The Proper Approach for Determining the Admissibility of Prior Bad Acts Evidence in Child Sexual Abuse Prosecutions, 327
Basyle J. Tchividjian

Trashing Our System of Justice? Overturning Jury Verdicts Where Evidence is Found in the Computer's Cache, 381
J. Elizabeth McBath
Parsing the Reasonable Person: The Case of Self-Defense, 425
Andrew Ingram

October, 2012

Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights [more info]
Volume 17, Number 2, Spring 2012 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

Challenges to Institutionalization: The Definition of “Institution” and the Future of Olmstead Litigation, 143
Kevin M. Cremin

Classroom to Courtroom: How Texas's Unique School-Based Ticketing Practice Turns Students into Criminals, Burdens Courts, and Violates the Eighth Amendment, 181
Therese Edmiston

Texas's New Payday Lending Regulations: Effective Debiasing Entails More Than the Right Message, 211
Michael A. Garemko, III

“Hands-off” the Solicitor General: Florence v. Board of Chosen Freeholders and the Supreme Court's Deference in Prison Cases, 251
Loui Itoh

Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal [more info]
Volume 20, Number 3, Summer 2012 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Are Intellectual Property Policies Subject to Collective Bargaining? A Case Study of New Jersey and Kansas, 389
Michael W. Klein, J.D., Ph.D., and Joy Blanchard, Ph.D.

Copyright Convergence in the Andean Community of Nations, 429
Alberto J. Cerda Silva

Patent Secrecy Orders: Fairness Issues in Application of Invention of Secrecy Act, 471
James Maune

The Challenge of Protecting Industrial Design in a Global Economy, 495
Susanna Monseau

Texas Review of Entertainment & Sports Law [more info]
Volume 13, Number 1, Fall 2011 [click here to order, $25.00 ]

Keller v. Electronic Arts: How Copyright Law Precludes Electronic Arts' First Amendment Defense, 1
Steven Howard Roth

Termination Rights: An In-Depth Look at Looming Issues Under the Copyright Act of 1976, 33
Sean Stolper

The Regulation of Dual Representation in the NFL, 63
Anthony L. Salvador

Toddlers, Tiaras, and Pedophilia? The “Borderline Child Pornography” Embraced by the American Public, 85
Christine Tamer

September, 2012

Texas Journal of Women and the Law [more info]
Volume 21, Number 2, Spring 2012 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

Caught in the Middle: Transsexual Marriage and the Disconnect between Sex and Legal Sex, 153
Deborah J. Anthony

It Ain't Necessarily So: The Misuse of “Human Nature” in Law and Social Policy and the Bankruptcy of the “Nature-Nuture” Debate, 187
Justin Schwartz

Caught in a Bad Bromance, 241
Elizabeth J. Chen

Texas' Prenatal Protection Act: Civil and Criminal Fetus Fatality Protection, 267
Jackie Ammons