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CURRENT LOCATION: Publications - Latest Releases and News - SEPTEMBER 2013 THRU AUGUST 2014

September 1, 2013 thru August 31, 2014
What's New at The University of Texas School of Law Publications

April, 2014

American Journal of Criminal Law [more info]
Volume 41, Number 1, Winter 2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Mass Incarceration and the Death Penalty Symposium Issue
Racial Threat Versus Racial Empathy in Sentencing—Capital and Otherwise, 1
Andrew E. Taslitz

Grace Notes: A Case for Making Mitigation the Heart of Noncapital Sentencing, 41
Miriam S. Gohara

Institutionalizing Bias: The Death Penalty, Federal Drug Prosecutions, and Mechanisms of Disparate Punishment, 91
Mona Lynch

March, 2014

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 92, Number 4, March 2014 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Treaty Termination and Historical Gloss, 773
Curtis A. Bradley

Tax, Command...or Nudge?: Evaluating the New Regulation, 837
Brian Galle

Book Reviews

Still Hazy After All These Years: The Data and Theory Behind “Mismatch”, 895
William C. Kidder & Angela Onwuachi-Willig

reviewing Richard Sander & Stuart Taylor, Jr.'s
Mismatch: How Affirmative Action Hurts Students It's Intended to Help, and Why Universities Won't Admit It
Corruption, Governance, and Morality, 943
Edward L. Rubin

reviewing Laura S. Underkuffler's
Captured by Evil: The Idea of Corruption in Law

Corporate Governance and Social Welfare in the Common-Law World, 973
David A. Skeel, Jr.

reviewing Christopher M. Bruner's
Corporate Governance in the Common-Law World: The Political Foundations of Shareholder Power


Improving Statutory Deadline on Agency Action: Learning from the SEC's Missed Deadlines Under the JOBS Act, 995
Caitlin A. Bubar

A Status Quo Bias: Behavioral Economics and the Federal Preliminary Injunction Standard, 1027
James Powers

Texas Environmental Law Journal [more info]
Volume 43, Number 3, Summer 2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

World's Worst Game of Telephone: Attempting to Understand the Conversation Between Texas's Legislature and Courts on Groundwater, 257
Amy Hardberger

Managing Environmental Risks in Transactions, 305
Mary Simmons Mendoza
Tierra y Vida: How Environmental Injustice Has Adversely Impacted the Public Health of Rural Brown Populations in South Texas, 321
Anietie Maureen-Ann Akpan

Reconsidering Tahoe-Sierra: Temporary Takings Under the Nuisance Exception, 337
Cassandra R. McCrae
Recent Developments
Air Quality — John B. Turney, Lia Powers, 367
Water Quality — Emily Rogers, Monica Hughes, 369
Water Rights — Joshua Katz, Evan Monez, 374
Casenotes: Federal — David J. Klein, Alejandra Avila, 377
Casenotes: State — Howard Slobodin, Stacie Dowel, Micah Fernandez, 380
State Bar Section News, 385

Texas Journal of Women and the Law [more info]
Volume 23, Number 1, Fall 2013 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

Regulating the Family: The Impact of Pro-Family Policymaking Assessments on Women and Nontraditional Families, 1
Robin S. Maril

Sexism, Sexual Violence, Sexuality, and the Schooling of Girls in Africa: A Case Study from Lusaka Province, Zambia, 37
Cynthia Grant Bowman and Elizabeth Brundige

Fighting Domestic Violence through Insurance: What the Affordable Care Act Does and Can Do for Survivors, 77
Maggie Jo Buchanan

Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights [more info]
Volume 19, Number 1, Fall 2013 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

Employment Opportunities and Conditions for the African-American Legal Professoriate: Perspectives from the Inside, 1
Loftus C. Carson, II

Has the South Changed? Shelby County and the Expansion of the Voter ID Battlefield, 109
Anthony J. Gaughan
Fighting the Good Fight Without Facts or Favor: The Need to Reform Juvenile Disciplinary Seclusion in Texas's Juvenile Facilities, 147
Catherine McCulloch

Confronting the Fear of “Too Much Justice”: The Need for a Texas Racial Justice Act, 169
Caitlin Naidoff

February, 2014

Texas Review of Law & Politics [more info]
Volume 18, Number 1, Fall 2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

No One Knows What the Texas Constitution Is, 1
Jason Boatright

Mexico's Gun-Control Laws: A Model for the United States?, 27
David B. Kopel
Panel: Criminal Law at the Federal Level
The Federalist Society 2013 Executive Branch Review Conference, 97
Hon. Mary Beth Buchanan, John G. Malcolm, Hon. George J. Terwilliger, III, Adam Liptak
Book Reviews
Disputing the Dogma of Deference, 121
Timothy Sandefur

Rehabilitating Lochner: A Study in the Limitations of a Constitutional Revolution, 151
Nicholas Mosvick
Are Drone Courts Necessary? An Analysis of Targeted Killings of U.S. Citizens Abroad Through a Procedural Due Process Lens, 169
Michael Eshaghian

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 92, Number 3, February 2014 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Purging Patent Law of “Private Law” Remedies, 517
Ted Sichelman

Understanding Behavioral Antitrust, 573
Avishalom Tor

Book Reviews

From Interraciality to Racial Realism, 669
L. Song Richardson & Phillip Atiba Goff

reviewing Angela Onwuachi-Willig's
According to Our Hearts: Rhinelander v. Rhinelander and the Law of the Multiracial Family
Constitutionalism and War Making, 689
Peter M. Shane

reviewing Mariah Zeisberg's
War Powers: The Politics of Constitutional Authority

and Stephen M. Griffin's
Long Wars and the Constitution

Buyers Without Remorse: Ending the Discriminatory Enforcement of Prostitution Laws, 717
Elizabeth M. Johnson

Mind the GAAP: Moving Beyond the Accountant-Attorney Treaty, 749
Jamie L. Yarbrough

The Review of Litigation [more info]
Volume 32, Number 4, Symposium 2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Class Actions Shrugged: Mass Actions and the Future of Aggregate Litigation, 591
Linda S. Mullenix

Kryptonite for CAFA?, 649
Adam N. Steinman

Living in CAFA's World, 691
Jay Tidmarsh

What Goes Around, Comes Around: From the Rector of Barkway to Knowles, 721
Georgene Vairo

Texas Journal of Oil, Gas, and Energy Law [more info]
Volume 9, Number 1, 2013-2014 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Offset Clauses in a World Without Drainage, 1
Jason Newman and Louis E. Layrisson, III

Oil and Gas Development on the Outer Continental Shelf: The Uphill Battle for State Input into Federal Policy, 37
Amy McIntire

CFIUS: For National Security Investigation or for Political Scrutiny?, 67
Jingli Jiang and Gen Li

Note & Comment
Revisiting the Executive Right Holder's Authority to Pool Non-Exclusive Interests, 101
Will Thanheiser

Cast Your Fate to the Wind (Turbines): Strengthening Japanese Wind Energy Law and Policy, 123
Rebecca L. Gibson
Recent Developments
Recent Developments in Texas and United States Energy Law, 165
Contributions from : Louis-Alexis Bret, D. Archibald Fallon, and Peter M. Oxman

January, 2014

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 92, Number 2, December 2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Bargaining over Loyalty, 253
Daniel A. Crane

Beyond the Patents-Prizes Debate, 303
Daniel J. Hemel & Lisa Larrimore Ouellette

Book Reviews

Did Formalism Never Exist?, 383
Alfred L. Brophy

reviewing Brian Z. Tamanaha's
Beyond the Formalist-Realist Divide: The Role of Politics in Judging
The Thirty Years War over Federal Regulation, 413
Daniel A. Farber

reviewing Thomas O. McGarity's
Freedom to Harm: The Lasting Legacy of the Laissez Faire Revival


Aligning the Incentives to Disclosure of Relevant Information to the USPTO: How the Jury Instruction Standards in Microsoft Corp. v. i4i Could Aid the Examination Process, 439
Michael C. Deane

Buchanan v. Warley and the Limits of Substantive Due Process as Antidiscrimination Law, 477
Brent M. Rubin

Texas Environmental Law Journal [more info]
Volume 43, Number 2, Spring 2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

From Here to a Penalty: Anatomy of EPA Civil Administrative Enforcement, 129
Joseph F. Guida & Jean M. Flores

Offshore Oil and Gas: Chartering a New Course in 2012, 159
Amber L. MacIver
The Last Frontier: Regulating Factory Farms, 175
Reagan M. Marble

Strict Liability Is for the Birds: A Comparison of Take Under the MBTA and ESA, 197
Tyson Lies
Recent Developments
Air Quality — John B. Turney, Angela Lipscomb, 223
Natural Resources — Aileen M. Hooks, Austin Whitmore, 227
Solid Waste — Ali Abazari, Robin Smith, Kristin Garrett, 232
Water Quality — Emily Rogers, Merrill Jones, 235
Water Rights — Stephanie Trinh, 238
Casenotes: Federal — David J. Klein, Erik Combs, 240
Casenotes: State — Howard Slobodin, Cassandra McCrae, 243
Publications — Joshua D. Katz, Grant Margeson, 245
Washington Update — Laura LaValle, Darrin Wyatt, 250
State Bar Section News, 255

December, 2013

Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal [more info]
Volume 21, Number 3, 2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

Mode, Method, Madness, and Mayhem: Section 15 of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act, 271
Wayne A. Kalkwarf

Daubert for “Dummkopfs”—Judge Posner Hypothetically Disparages Patent Damages Experts in Apple and Brandeis, 301
Patrick Doll and L. Joseph Denbina

A “Likelihood of Confusion”: Circuit Courts Attempt to Reconcile Sixty Years of SCOTUS Silence Since Bulova, 345
John Sokatch

Is the Prototypical Small Inventor at Risk of Inadvertently Eliminating Their Traditional One-Year Grace Period Under the America Invents Act?—Interpreting “Or Otherwise Available to the Public” Per New § 102(a) and “Disclosure” Per New § 102(b), 373
Eric A. Kelly

November, 2013

Texas Law Review [more info]
Volume 92, Number 1, November 2013 [click here to order, $15.00 ]

The Anti-Injunction Act and the Problem of Federal–State Jurisdictional Overlap, 1
James E. Pfander & Nassim Nazemi

Regulating Ex Post: How Law Can Address the Inevitability of Financial Failure, 75
Iman Anabtawi & Steven L. Schwarcz

Book Reviews

What Really Happened in the Affordable Care Act Case, 133
Michael C. Dorf

reviewing Andrew Koppelman's
The Tough Luck Constitution and the Assault on Health Care Reform
Self-Government and the Judicial Function, 161
David Rudenstine

reviewing J. Harvie Wilkinson III's
Cosmic Constitutional Theory: Why Americans are Losing Their Inalienable Right to Self-Governance


The Arbitral Judgment Rule: Using the Business Judgment Rule to Redefine Arbitral Immunity, 197
Matthew Bricker

Off-Label Drug Promotion and the Use of Disclaimers, 231
Dina McKenney

Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights [more info]
Volume 18, Number 2, Spring 2013 [click here to order, $20.00 ]

Political Process Equal Protection and the Repeal of Affirmative Action in Higher Education: The Sixth Circuit Splits from the Ninth, 153
Tyson Y. Herrold

A Change to Relation Back, 181
Brian J. Zeiger, Elizabeth G. Thompson, Taryn C. Zucker, Patrick J. Fitzmaurice, Emily B. Ryan
Teacher Evaluations Based on Student Testing: Missing an Opportunity for True Education Reform, 203
Audrey R. Lynn

A Growing Threat to the ADA: An Empirical Study of Mass Filings, Popular Backlash, and Potential Solutions Under Titles II and III, 235
Casey L. Raymond

October, 2013

Texas Hispanic Journal of Law & Policy [more info]
Volume 19, Number 1, Spring 2013 [click here to order, $30.00 ]

The Disappearing Mexican-American Law Student, 1
Brent G. McCune, Lisa J. Soto, William G. Weaver, & Alejandro Hobbs

Legal Service Awareness of the Latino Population in Southern Nevada, 33
Edgar Flores

Secure Communities, Racial Profiling, & Suppression Law in Removal Proceedings, 63
Amelia Fischer

Playing the Race Card: White Americans' Sense of Victimization in Response to Affirmative Action, 95
Brett Hammon