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Texas Journal of Oil, Gas, and Energy Law
Association of International Petroleum Negotiators
Energy & Mineral Law Foundation
Institute for Energy Law
Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation
Oil, Gas & Energy Resources Law Section of The State Bar of Texas

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[Texas Journal of Oil, Gas, and Energy Law]
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ISBN: 978-0-615-89487-4
Edition: (2013)
Pages: 746, hard cover
Price: $15.00 each. 8.25% tax for Texas residents
Shipping: USPS 1st Class shipping is included in the price with higher shipping priorities also available

Editorial Note
Foreword by Marie Yeates
Foreword by Duke Ligon
"Perhaps what you were trying to say . . ." by Owen Anderson

1. Methods for Facilitating the Development of Oil and Gas Lands Burdened with Outstanding Mineral Interests
2. The Texas Compulsory Pooling Act
3. The Texas Compulsory Pooling Act [Part 2]
4. Urbanization and the Surface Development of Mineral Land: The Conflict Between the Dominant and Servient Estates
5. The Kansas Unitization Statute: Part 1
6. The Kansas Unitization Statute: Part 2
7. The Standard of Conduct Owed by Executive Right Holders and Operators to the Owners of Nonparticipating and Nonoperating Interests
8. Conveyancing Problems
9. The 'Subject to' Clause
10. Implications of a Fiduciary Standard of Conduct for the Holder of the Executive Right
11. Duties and Obligations Owed by an Operator to Nonoperators, Investors, and Other Interest Owners
12. Division Orders and Other Instruments
13. Gas Marketing by Co-Owners: Problems of Disproportionate Sales, Gas Balancing and Accounting to Royalty Owners
14. Evolution of Oil And Gas Rights in The Eastern United States
15. Royalty Issues: Take-or-Pay Claims and Division Orders
16. Typical World Petroleum Arrangements
17. Abandonment and Reclamation of Energy Sites and Facilities: The United States
18. From Concessions to Service Contracts
19. Joint Operating Agreement Jurisprudence
20. The New Division Order: Legal and Practical Aspects
21. Duties Owed by an Operator to a Non-Operator Under Voluntary Agreements and Compulsory Orders
22. The Use of Law to Promote Domestic Exploration and Production
23. Legal Issues Involved in Expanding the U.S. Oil and Gas Supply Base
24. Temporary Cessation of Production: The Panhandle Cases
25. Exploratory Unitization under the 2004 Model Oil and Gas Conservation Act: Leveling the Playing Field
26. Renewable Energy the Increasing Role of Wind Power: Incentives, Mandates, Siting, and Leasing
27. The Operator: Liability to Non-Operators, Resignation, Removal, and Selection of a Successor
28. Recent Developments in Non-Regulatory Oil and Gas Law: Trends and Developments in 2008
29. Winds of Change: The Creation of Wind Law

Curriculum Vitae & Bibliography