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Texas International Law Journal
Tex. Int'l. L.J. ISSN: 0163-7479
727 East Dean Keeton Street Ste 4.129
Austin, Texas 78705 U.S.A. // // // Forum Online Companion // Contribute to the Journal // // // // Pay Student Dues Online
(512) 232-1277 (Editor's Office) (512) 232-1149 (Business Office)

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Recent Tables of Contents

  • Volume 49:3, Summer 2014 [Table Of Contents]
  • Volume 49:2, Spring 2014 [TOC]
  • Volume 49:1, Spring 2014 [TOC]

  • Volume 48:3, Summer 2013 [TOC]
  • Volume 48:2, Spring 2013 [TOC]
  • Volume 48:1, Fall 2012 [TOC]

  • Volume 47:3, Summer 2012 [TOC]
  • Volume 47:2, Spring 2012 [TOC]
  • Volume 47:1, Fall 2011 [TOC]

  • Volume 46:3, Summer 2011 [TOC]
  • Volume 46:2, Spring 2011 [TOC]
  • Volume 46:1, Fall 2010 [TOC]

  • Volume 45:3, Spring 2010 [TOC]
  • Volume 45:2, Winter 2009 [TOC]
  • Volume 45:1, Fall 2009 [TOC]

  • Volume 44:4, Summer 2009 [TOC]
  • Volume 44:3, Spring/Spring 2009 [TOC]
  • Volume 44:1-2, Fall/Winter 2008 [TOC]

  • Volume 43:3, Summer 2008 [TOC]
  • Volume 43:2, Spring 2008 [TOC]
  • Volume 43:1, Fall 2007 [TOC]

  • Volume 42:3, Summer 2007 [TOC]
  • Volume 42:2, Spring 2007 [TOC]
  • Volume 42:1, Fall 2006 [TOC]

  • Volume 41:3, Summer 2006 [TOC]
  • Volume 41:2, Spring 2006
  • Volume 41:1, Winter 2006 [TOC]
The Texas International Law Journal (TILJ) is proud to announce the availability of Volumes 48:1-3 and 49:1-3 and the opportunity to order Volume 50:1-3 (2014-2015). Please note our current rates: $45 domestic subscribers; $40 alumni/students; $50 international subscribers.

TILJ is the fourth-oldest student-published international law journal and the tenth-ranked student-edited international law journal in the United States. TILJ strives to advance an understanding of contemporary international legal issues through timely articles, and student notes. Past contributors to TILJ include preeminent scholars and practitioners such as Dean Rusk, Robert Reich, Louis Henkin, Charles Alan Wright, and W. Page Keeton.

As a note, TILJ will continue printing 3 or 4 issues in each volume.

About TILJ

In the rapidly expanding discipline of international law, the Texas International Law Journal (TILJ) helps readers stay abreast and informed of recent developments and new scholarship by providing access to leading international legal, theoretical, and policy analysis. TILJ publishes academic articles, essays, and student notes in the areas of public and private international law, international legal theory, the law of international organizations, comparative and foreign law, and domestic laws with significant international implications. The editors and staff aim to fulfill these needs by concentrating on groundbreaking articles that will be useful to both practitioners and scholars.

TILJ is among the oldest and best-established student-published international law journals in the United States. In the wake of the Bay of Pigs disaster and the Cuban Missile Crisis, our publication began as an offshoot of the Texas International Law Society. In January 1965, under the guidance of Professor E. Ernest Goldstein, we planted the Texas flag in the international arena with our first issue, entitled The Journal of the University of Texas International Society. Publications thereafter were biannual, taking the name Texas International Law Forum until the summer of 1971, when TILJ adopted its present title and became a triannual publication.

Over the years, TILJ staff has made the most of its established heritage. We have developed international repute by forging close ties with numerous scholars and authors worldwide. As a result, we receive more than six hundred unsolicited manuscripts each year and are extremely selective in our publication choices. This position has helped us develop one of the largest student-published subscription circulations of any international law journal in the United States. TILJ's subscription base includes law schools, government entities, law firms, corporations, embassies, international organizations, and individuals from virtually every state in the United States and more than forty-five countries.

With approximately thirty editorial board members and one hundred fifteen staff members made up of full-time J. D. and LL.M. students, TILJ maintains a refined and well-organized editing process. As economic integration accelerates and nations forge closer ties in the new millennium, we are confident TILJ will continue to provide a significant contribution to the burgeoning field of international law.

In an increasingly complex world, TILJ is committed to promoting international legal understanding and debate. With your support, TILJ will continue to bring a critical perspective to the questions and dilemmas confronting public and private actors around the globe.
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  • Latest issue shipped: V.49:3 (Summer 2014).
  • ISSN: 0163-7479.
  • Number of Issues/Volume: Three to Four. There are three issues in Volume 45 (2009-2010) and there will be three issues in Volume 46 (2010-2011).
  • Publication schedule: Fall, Winter, Spring.
  • Pages per Volume: 500 to 800.
  • Year founded: 1964.
  • Primary readership: Libraries, Law, Legal, Scholarly, Law Firms, National, International, Professional.