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Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal
Tex. Intell. Prop. L.J. ISSN: 1068-1000
727 East Dean Keeton Street Ste 4.134B
Austin, Texas 78705 U.S.A. // // // Contribute to the Journal // // Pay Student Dues Online
(512) 232-1399 (Editor's Office) (512) 232-1149 (Business Office)

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Recent Tables of Contents

  • Volume 21:3, 2013 [Table Of Contents]
  • Volume 21:2, 2013 [TOC]
  • Volume 21:1, 2013 [TOC]

  • Volume 20:3, Summer 2012 [TOC]
  • Volume 20:2, Spring 2012 [TOC]
  • Volume 20:1, Fall 2011 [TOC]

  • Volume 19:3, Spring 2011 [TOC]
  • Volume 19:2, Winter 2011 [TOC]
  • Volume 19:1, Summer 2010 [TOC]

  • Volume 18:3, Spring 2010 [TOC]
  • Volume 18:2, Winter 2010 [TOC]
  • Volume 18:1, Fall 2009 [TOC]

  • Volume 17:3, Spring 2009 [TOC]
  • Volume 17:2, Winter 2009 [TOC]
  • Volume 17:1, Fall 2008 [TOC]

  • Volume 16:3, Spring 2008 [TOC]
  • Volume 16:2, Winter 2008 [TOC]
  • Volume 16:1, Fall 2007 [TOC]

  • Volume 15:3, Spring 2007 [TOC]
  • Volume 15:2, Winter 2007 [TOC]
  • Volume 15:1, Fall 2006 [TOC]

  • Volume 14:2, Spring 2006 [TOC]

The Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal (TIPLJ) is proud to announce the availability of Volumes 20 and 21 as well as the opportunity to order Volume 22:1-3 (2013-2014).

TIPLJ was started in 1991 by a group of University of Texas law students to provide intellectual property attorneys with a journal dedicated to the field. These students quickly realized that intellectual property is an increasingly important area of the law, but with few publications dedicated to the topic. TIPLJ seeks to fill this void by publishing insightful articles focusing on substantive legal issues and recent developments in the areas of patent, copyright, trademark, unfair competition, and trade secret law. The student editors also host a successful guest speaker series, an annual symposium on contemporary IP topics, and work closely with leading IP practitioners of the Intellectual Property Law Section of the State Bar of Texas.

Recent TIPLJ articles include:

  • “One Trademark per Source” by David W. Barnes;
  • “So Long As You Live Under My Roof, You'll Live By…Whose Rules?: Ending the Extraterritorial Application of Patent Law” by Jacob A. Schroeder;
  • “Unrepresentative Randomization: An Empirical Study of Judging Panels of USPTO Appeals to the CAFC” by Thomas Froats;
  • “Pull Too Hard and the Rope May Break: On the Secondary Liability of Technology Providers for Copyright Infringement” by Lital Helman;
  • “Beware the Scrivener's Error: Curing the Drafting Error in the Federal Registration Defense to Trademark Dilution” by Timothy A. Lemper & Joshua R. Bruce;
  • “International Cooperation and the Patent-Antitrust Intersection” by Stephen Yelderman;
  • “Missing the Mark: The Misplaced Reliance on Intent in Modern Trademark Law” by Blake Tierney;
  • “Formalism and Patent Claim Drafting: The Status of De Facto Independent Claims Under the Fourth Paragraph of 35 U.S.C. § 112” by Jason M. Nolan.

  • Upcoming TIPLJ articles include:

  • “The Sine Qua Non of Copyright is Uniqueness, Not Originality” by Samson Vermont;
  • “Serious Flaw of Employee Invention Ownership under the Bayh-Dole Act in Stanford v. Roche: Finding the Missing Piece of the Puzzle in the German Employee Invention Act” Toshiko Takenaka, Ph.D.;
  • “Strength of the International Trade Commission as a Patent Venue” by Christopher A. Cotropia.

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