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Texas Review of Entertainment & Sports Law
Tex. Rev. Ent. & Sports L. ISSN: 1533-1903
727 East Dean Keeton Street Ste 4.140
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Tables of Contents

  • Volume 15:2, Spring 2014 [Table Of Contents]
  • Volume 15:1, Fall 2013 [TOC]

  • Volume 14:2, Spring 2013 [TOC]
  • Volume 14:1, Fall 2012 [TOC]

  • Volume 13:2, Spring 2012 [TOC]
  • Volume 13:1, Fall 2011 [TOC]

  • Volume 12:2, Spring 2011 [TOC]
  • Volume 12:1, Fall 2010 [TOC]

  • Volume 11:2, Spring 2010 [TOC]
  • Volume 11:1, Fall 2009 [TOC]

  • Volume 10:2, Spring 2009 [TOC]
  • Volume 10:1, Fall 2008 [TOC]

  • Volume 9:2, Spring 2008 [TOC]
  • Volume 9:1, Winter 2007 [TOC]

  • Volume 8:1, Spring 2007 [ABSTRACTS]

  • Volume 7:1, Fall 2006 [ABSTRACTS]

  • Volume 6:1, Spring 2005 [TOC]

  • Volume 5:2, Spring 2004 [TOC]
  • Volume 5:1, Fall 2003 [ABSTRACT, TOC]

  • Volume 4:1, Spring 2003 [ABSTRACT, TOC]

  • Volume 3:1, Spring 2002 [ABSTRACT, TOC]

  • Volume 2:1, Spring 2001 [ABSTRACTS, TOC]

  • Volume 1:1, Spring 2000 [ABSTRACTS]
It is with great pride we announce the availability of Volumes 14 and 15 as well as the opportunity to order Volume 16:1-2 (2014-2015).

With the TRESL mission statement as our guide, to “chronicle, comment on, and influence the shape of the law that affects the entertainment and sports industries, throughout the United States and the world,” we continue to provide an informative and compelling collection of articles by active attorneys, distinguished professors, and talented law students.

A selection of works found in recent issues:

“The Big Business of College Game Day” by Professor Loftus Carson

“Major College Sports: A Modern Apartheid” by Professors Robert A. McCormick & Amy Christian McCormick

“'I'm His Coach, Not His Father.' A Title IX Analysis of Sexual Harassment in College Sports” by Caitlin M. Cullitan

“Two for One: How the NCAA Rules Do Not Adequately Address Package Deals and a Proposed Rule to Prohibit Them” by Lauren Ferrante

“Foul Ball! The Need to Alter Current Liability Standards for Spectator Injuries at Sporting Events” by Mohit Khare

“Head East, Young Man (and comparatively older men who are likely to languish in the Minor Leagues)” by Ross Appel

An introduction to and the transcript of the “Arthur Miller Dialogue on 'Sports, Media, and Race: The Impact on America'” on November 11, 2010 at the University of Texas

“You Can Only Race If You Can't Win? The Curious Cases of Oscar Pistorius & Caster Semenya” by Professor Shawn M. Crincoli

“The Problem With Salary Caps Under European Union Law: The Case Against Financial Fair Play” by Professor Johan Lindholm

“The Law Firm and the League: The Legal, and Electronic Connections Between Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP and Major League Baseball” by Ross E. Davies

“An Indecent Proposal? What Clamping Down on Fleeting Expletives on the Airwaves Means for the TV Industry” by Shelly Rosenfeld

A brief synopsis of TRESL's second annual symposium titled, “The Role of Agents in Sports & Entertainment Law”.

Future volumes are sure to provide more contemporary topics affecting the sports and entertainment industry. For more information about this journal visit [] or contact [].
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