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Early Registration Fall 2013 FAQ

Q1:  What if I need to talk to someone about how to rank classes? (3/21)

What you really need is more information.  See the list of classes that usually fill up below.  If you want to take one of them, you should rank them highly, even if you have priority for the class.  3Ls have priority for classes EXCEPT 2Ls have priority for Alternate Dispute Resolution, Business Associations, Con Law II, Corporations, Crim Pro, Federal Income Tex, Mediation, Payment Systems, Professional Responsibility, Secured Credit and Texas Civil Procedure Survey.  More questions?  Ask David Sokolow, Allyson Childs, or Alex Albright.

Courses That Fill Quickly:

*All cross-listed courses*
Administrative Law, Texas
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Capital Punishment
Election Law & Policy
Energy Law
Evidence for Litigators
Good & Evil in Art & Law
International Commercial Arbitration
Legal Research, Adv. (any topic)
Legal Writing, Adv. (any topic)
Multiparty Conflict Resolution
Reading Group
Secured Credit Workshop
Texas Legislature: Process & Procedure

Popular Seminars:

Changing American Schools
Corporate & Securities Law
Energy Law & Policy
Federal Criminal Prosecution, Adv.
International Petroleum Transactions
Law, Business & Economics Workshop
Music Law
Solving Environmental Problems
Water Law & Policy for the 21st Century


Q2: I’m a rising 3L, and I need to take PR. The only PR class in the fall is PR for Litigators, but I’m going to be a transactions lawyer. What do I do? (3/21, updated 3/29)

We have added a PR class, taught by Prof. Strong at 1:15 on Thursdays.  Prof. Silver’s PR for Litigators has been moved to Wednesday so that it does not conflict with Intensive Trial Skills.

2Ls get preference for PR, so if you are a 3L you should put this course high on your list.


Q3: Does PR for Litigators satisfy the PR requirement? (3/29)

Yes, it satisfies the course requirement for PR, but the class is not targeted at preparing you for the MPRE. Nevertheless, Prof. Silver notes that he does not know of any student who failed the MPRE after taking this class.


Q4: I have questions about things like prerequisites, whether the professor recommends taking a certain course beforehand, and what the workload is for a course. Can SAO help me?  (3/29)

Prerequisite information (required and recommended) and other information about specific courses should be in the course description. Every faculty member writes their own course description for each course. If the information you need is not there, you will have to ask the professor.

Brandi Welch, the Director of Academic Advising, can usually answer some questions like this, but she is on maternity leave. Unfortunately, there is no one else in the SAO who has her detailed knowledge of specific courses. Brandi will be back in the middle of April, so you can talk to her during adds and drops.

Workloads for courses can be found on the Course Instructor Survey Results website and searchable by professor and course.