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Writing Competitions

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*prize may include publication, presentation, complimentary membership or other awards as specified by the official competition rules.

Competition Topic Prize Deadline
The College of Labor and Employment Lawyers and American Bar Association Section of Labor and Employment Law Annual Law Student Writing Competition for 2014-2015 Articles may address U.S. law, international law of relevance to U.S. labor and employment attorneys, or how a legal topic is treated in states across the country, but papers limited to the law of a single state will not be considered.Papers must be analytical in nature, not merely a summary of the law. Full details. $1,500
Jameson Crane III Disability and the Law
Writing Competition
Submitted papers may be on any topic relating to disability law including, legal issues arising with respect to employment, government services and programs, public accommodations, education, higher education, housing, and health care. Full details. $1,500 4/15/2015
Beveridge & Diamond Constitutional Environmental Law Writing Competition Any topic addressing developments or trends in U.S. environmental law that have a significant constitutional or “federalism” component. Full details. $2,000 4/6/2015
Animal Law Writing Contest Papers should provide an in-depth analysis of one of the two following topics:
  1. Beginning March 2015, retailers in the City of Chicago may offer for sale only those dogs, cats or rabbits that the retailer has obtained from animal control centers, animal care facilities, government-operated shelters, humane societies or rescue organizations. Provide a constitutional analysis of the ordinance (Section 4-384-015, Municipal Code of Chicago).
  2. Los Angeles County has adopted an ordinance requiring all cats and dogs to be spayed or neutered after a certain age, with a few specific exemptions allowed. Provide a constitutional analysis of the ordinance (Section 10.08.155, Los Angeles County Code)

Full details.

$2,500 2/15/2015
American Indian Law Review Writing Competition Any issue concerning American Indian law or indigenous peoples. However, topics recently published in the American Indian Law Review will not be favored. Full details.


2014-2015 Louis Jackson National Student Writing Competition in Employment and Labor Law Judges will consider papers on any topic relating to the law governing the workplace, such as employment law, labor law, employee benefits, or employment discrimination. Full details. $3,000
Pacific Legal Foundation Law Student Writing Competition Choose between three topics. Full details. $3,000
17th Annual Entertainment Law Initiative Writing Competition The writing contest challenges students to identify, research, and write an essay with a proposed solution on a compelling legal issue confronting the music industry. Full details.   1/6/2015
Mollie and Paul Hill Student Writing Competition Discuss the ways in which the medical and legal professions may work together collaboratively to address the problem of excessive, unnecessary, wasteful, and inefficient provision of medial services in the U.S. Full details. $250 1/2/2015
White River Environmental Law Writing Competition Applicants are invited to submit original essays addressing any relevant topic in the fields of environmental law, natural resource law, energy law, environmental justice, land use law, animal law, and agricultural law. Full details. $1,000 12/10/2014
ACCFSL Writing Competition Eligible entries must discuss some aspect of consumer financial services law. Full details. $2,500
CABA 2014 Law Student Essay Competition A comparative analysis of U.S. and Canadian law in an area of law of your choice. Full details. $500
ASECA Securities Law Writing Competition Any subject in the field of securities law. Full details. $5,000
Canadian Journal of Human Rights Any topic relating to human rights or international humanitarian law. Full details. Publishing n/a