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Writing Competitions

Visit the Student Affairs Office for details.

*prize may include publication, presentation, complimentary membership or other awards as specified by the official competition rules.

Competition Topic Prize Deadline
1-800-LAW-FIRM Scholarship 1-800-LAW-FIRM is launching a writing contest challenging law school students to demonstrate with an essay of at least 1,000 words how they would improve the legal system. Full details. $10,000 10/5/2014
NASI Law Student Writing Award Relevant topics might include analysis of legal and policy issues relating any social insurance program. These issues include but are not limited to long-term care, Social Security, Social Security Disability, health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, related public assistance and private employee benefits. Nominations of comparative and interdisciplinary work relating to social insurance protections and policies are encouraged. Full details. $2,500 9/15/2014
Louis T. Pirkey Prize in Intellectual Property Law To be considered for the prize, a paper
must have a substantial focus on one or more issues of intellectual property law. Full details.
$600 7/31/2014
Federal Claims Bar Association 2013-2014 Law Student Writing Competition Entries to the contest may address any topic that lies within the procedure, substance, or scope of the jurisdiction of the United States Court of Federal Claims. Full details. $2,000 7/18/2014
Audre Rapoport Prize for Scholarship on Gender and Human Rights Gender and human rights (from an international, transnational, or comparative perspective). Full details. $1,000 7/1/2014
20140 Texas Law Student Legal Writing Contest Entries should address any area of international law, including international antitrust, arbitration, business transactions, conflicts of law, criminal law, immigration, intellectual property, litigation, multinational enterprises, public law and trade law. Full details. $600 6/23/2014
2014 Goodwin & Scieszka Innovation Scholarship
  • What impact do you believe the Affordable Healthcare Act will have on the U.S. legal system?
  • In your opinion, what law is most out of date and should be rectified or repealed?
  • What future do you foresee for legal marketing with the inclusion of social media?
Full details.
Canadian Journal of Human Rights Any topic relating to human rights or international humanitarian law. Full details. Publishing n/a