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WHAT THIS AREA IS ABOUT.  Global demand for energy resources is at historic high levels.  Energy law is the study of the legal issues relevant to the exploration, development, production, transportation, and usage of the various types of fuels we depend on to power modern society.  Historically, the focus of energy law has been to ensure maximum supply, rather than to protect the environment or ensure equitable distribution of energy and power supplies.  The area of energy law has evolved into a complex web of state, federal, and international statutes and regulations, and increasingly environmental and social issues are also at stake in energy disputes.  The area is also dominated by the study of contracts — contracts between host countries and companies with development agreements, where the law of the host country is typically controlling; contracts among companies engaged in exploration and development operations; between landowners and oil and gas companies, wind companies, pipeline companies, solar energy producers, and energy transmission lines. COURSE OFFERINGS.  Courses offered in this area include Oil and Gas Law, Advanced Oil and Gas Law, Energy Law & Policy, Emerging Trends in Oil and Gas Litigation, Electricity Law, and Wind Law.

Unique # Title Instructor
  29395 Energy Law Spence, D
  29725 Oil And Gas Smith, E
  29945 Smnr: Energy Law And Policy Hays, J
  29950 Smnr: Envir Impact Of Dev/Prod Nix, D
  29980 Smnr: Intl Petroleum Trans Dzienkowski, J
  30010 Smnr: Oil & Gas: Current Issues Smith, E