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Spring 2010 - Energy Law

Wiseman, Hannah J

Course ID: 379M  Unique # 28736  Credit Hours: 3
Meeting DaysTimesLocation
   Thursday 3:30 pm - 6:20 pm TNH 2.138
Exam Type   Date   Time      Name Range   Room  
  Final Monday, May 10    8:30 am          A-Z

This three-credit class will provide an introduction to the policies, statutes, regulations, agency orders, and legal cases addressing the many aspects of energy use.  We will briefly explore controls imposed on the extraction and transportation of fuels, focusing on coal mining and natural gas pipelines.  Further, we will discuss changing trends in the regulation of the utilities that burn these fuels to produce electricity, investigating ratemaking and deregulation at the federal and state level.  Transmission and distribution of electricity will also play a central part in the course.  We will explore international, federal, and regional regulation of electricity transmission; recent shifts toward mandatory standards to ensure reliable transmission; and challenges associated with transmitting electricity from dispersed electricity generators to population centers, where it is distributed to consumers.  Finally, several classes will be devoted to recent developments in renewable electricity production and the legal issues associated with these developments.  All materials, including relevant statutes, regulations, agency orders, legal cases, and introductory explanations of energy trends, will be provided in a course packet.  Students will be graded based on an in-class final examination.

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