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Fall 2012 - Texas Marital Relations & Divorce

Sampson, John J
Wilhite, Randall B

Course ID: 257  Unique # 29170  Credit Hours: 2
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   Friday 8:37 am - 10:17 am TNH 2.123
Exams:  None
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This course is restricted to upper division students only.

This two-hour course is designed to cover essential elements of Texas Marital Property Law as related to the marital property regime before, during and at the dissolution of a marriage.  The course will also covery legal issues relating to premarital agreements, marital agreements and the management, division, confirmation and disposition of marital property during the marriage and upon divorce.  Emphasis is on the practical effects of divorce, particularly the economic consequences to the parties and their children.  The grade is based on a "project" and not an "exam."  The project is to negotiate and document the settlement of a divorce case, and then answer 3 or 4 related legal questions in a paper not to exceed 12 pages.  The project is completed by the students over a one-week period, and is open book, open notes and open Internet.

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