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UT Law School Classes - Fall 2013

Alternative Investments: Lack of Reg/Bailouts

Instructor: Young, D Credits: 3 Course ID: 379M Unique #29355
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   Monday 3:45 pm - 6:15 pm TNH 2.140
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This course is restricted to upper division students only.

A one-semester course which will cover selected, practical topics concerning Wall Street's regulatory and political environmnet.  We will focus on the nature of investment products, their use and the regulatory structure surrounding them.  We will discuss how some misused these products and the impact that has had on the economy.  Finally we will look at the government responses to the economy and the success/failure thereof. 

This class will pull handout materials from articles in major publications, real-time news stories and personal experience.  Given the fluid nature of the economy, new information will likely become available during the course and provide timely discussion topics.  Therefore, we may veer from the syllabus topics. 

The teaching technique will not be a lecture style, but rather a highly participative Socratic method in which case study, situation analysis and student interaction will be at the core.  The instructor will provoke the students and encourage their thoughtful response to the problems and issues so presented. 

Each student will present on a topic of his/her choice, and the class will have the opportunity to develop their own skills in the areas of:  team building, presentation skills, critical thinking, problem diagnosis and problem solving. 

Class participation and attendance will count towards the final grade.

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