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Fall 2013 - Con Law II: 1st & 2nd Amendments

Powe, Lucas A Jr

Unique # 29460 Credit Hours: 3 Course ID: 381C
MTW2:30 - 3:20 pmTNH 2.138
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  Final Wednesday, December 11 8:30 am -   A-Z
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This course is restricted to upper division students only.

The course will focus on constitutional interpretation involving the Religion Clauses, the Expression Clauses, and the Right to Bear Arms.  Both interpretive and substantive issues will be addressed to question what the scope of each constitutional provision should be and whether that scope should be interrelated with the scope of other provisions.  Specific topics will include:  gun control, dollars to religion, school, prayer, criminal advocacy, pornography, hate speech, and new communications technologies.

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first amendment - shiffrin/choper
  West, edition: 5th
  ISBN: 978-0-314-90456-0   (required)