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Fall 2014 - Secured Credit Workshop

Westbrook, Jay L

Course ID: 180R  Unique # 29645  Credit Hours: 1
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   Tuesday 2:15 pm - 3:05 pm JON 5.208
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This course is restricted to upper division students only.
You must take at least one the following classes concurrently:
29640 - Secured Credit

Westbrook often offers this one-hour adjunct to the Secured Credit course.  This Secured Credit workshop adjunct course is open only to those taking his regular three-hour Secured Credit course.  It covers the same subject matter.  The course has two main purposes:  offering especially interested students a look at cutting edge issues beyond what is covered in the basic course; and giving students a chance to be evaluated in part by a paper rather than just an examination.  It also provides a small class experience.

Requirements include a small number of additional classes and a 15-20 page paper on a Secured Credit topic.  A student who takes this adjunct course gets one four-hour grade based on a combination of the student's examination in the regular course and performance in the one-hour course (especially on the paper).  Enrollment is limited.  Although the workshop is limited to students taking the main, three-hour course, taking the workshop is not required to take the main three hour course.

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