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Fall 2014 - Seminar: International Petroleum Transactions

Dzienkowski, John S

Course ID: 397S  Unique # 29980  Credit Hours: 3
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   Monday 3:45 pm - 5:35 pm JON 5.206
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This course is restricted to upper division students only.
Course/Seminar - APPLICATION REQUIRED. Application and/or instructions on how to apply for this course can be accessed on the web: early registration, enter this unique number last.

International Petroleum Transactions is essentially a subject in international business that is taught in the context of the petroleum and energy industries.  The book that will be assigned examines location of world resources, ownership of mineral rights, dispute resolution, assessing political risk, the types of contracts used in this industry (concessions, production sharing, participation, and service contracts), financial products, and environmental issues. 

The first four sessions of the seminar will cover parts of the book to provide some background.  However, the goal of the course is to write a 30-35 page paper with 120 footnotes and with over 30 sources in a topic related to international petroleum transactions.  Students will need to find a topic within the first two weeks, prepare an outline, a first draft, and a final draft that will be due on the last day of final examinations.  Students will also need to prepare a 20 minute presentation that will be delivered to the class during the last four weeks of the course.  The paper will count 80%, the presentation will count 10%, and class participation (including attendance) will count 10%.  The class is reserved to 8 JD students and 8 LLM students.  The JD students will need to write a one page application before they can register for the class that describes their background and interest in the subject. 

There are no prerequisites for this seminar.

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International Petroleum Transactions - Smith, Dzienkowski, Anderson, Lowe, Kramer, Weaver
  Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, edition: 3rd
  ISBN: 978-1-882047-48-2   (required)