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Blackout Dates

At times of major law school events, or when multiple events are already scheduled, services other than room reservation scheduling may not be available. Please view the dates below when Special Events assistance will not be available. Note, additional events will be added to this list over time so please make sure to check our website often to ensure our Blackout dates do not conflict with your events.

Requests for exceptions may be submitted to Natzyeli Leugers, Special Events program director, and must be approved by Becky Melton, director of Alumni Relations and Development, or Angela Krause, assistant director of Alumni Relations and Development.

Semester Date(s) Event
Fall 2014 Aug. 21-25 Orientation 
  Sept. 3-8 Alumni Awards Dinner & AAEC Meeting
  Sept. 17-22 CHLSA National Latino/a Student Association (NLLSA) Conference
  Sept. 24-27 Massey Prize Symposium
  Oct. 2 UT Law Day
  Oct. 13-20 Tailgate & Trustees Fall Meeting
  Oct. 24-25 Parents Leadership Dinner & Family Weekend
  Nov. 13 Massey Teaching Award
Spring 2015 Jan. 29 EPS Reception
  Feb. 3 Lott Award Ceremony
  Feb. 18-20 Kay Bailey Hutchison Dinner and Symposium
  Feb. 24 UT Law Academy¬†
  Feb. 26-27 Women in the Law Institute
  March 7 Explore UT
  March 27 Admitted Students Day
  April 10 Optional Mini Visit
  April 13-20 Reunion & AAEC Meeting
  May 13-15 Spring Board of Trustees Meeting
  May 23 Graduation