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The Office of Student Life

Mentor/Society Coordinator Application

The mentors and society coordinators work together to help build a strong sense of community among new students. Both mentors and society coordinators also play an important role in welcoming the first-year law students at Orientation.


The mentors are an integral part of the first-year experience at the Law School. They serve as advisors to new students throughout their first year and help them become acclimated to law school. In addition to organizing social and athletic events, mentors lead sessions designed to help first year students practice the skills needed (case briefing, outlining, exam taking) to succeed in their studies. All first year students are contacted by their mentors in the summer before Orientation.

Society Coordinator

Society Coordinators works closely with the faculty advisor to develop new social, professional, and public service activities for their society. The Coordinators also work together to plan Society Week. The Coordinators manage a society's budget and host a range of events throughout the year. Each Coordinator has the opportunity to shape the future of the society by creating new and innovative programs that help build traditions within their organizations. In addition, the Coordinators help build community within their groups and facilitate student-faculty interaction.

Application Process

All applicants must attend an information session on either March 11 at 3:30pm or March 12 at noon.

Please complete the following application form. Also, attach a copy of your resume and a one-page personal statement that describes your interest in the position for which you are applying and what you hope to contribute to the program. Candidates will be contacted to schedule an interview.

Mentor candidates are required to submit an evaluation of a mock exam answer. Your evaluation should not comment on the doctrinal substance of the answer (we are not evaluating your substantive knowledge of torts); you should be looking more toward format. Is this a good exam answer? Why or why not? What should the student work on for future test taking? You may write on the answer itself and/or attach a separate document detailing your advice to the student. Submit a scan of your answer at the end of this application.

Important dates

Applications are due by 12:00 (noon) on Friday, March 27. Candidates will be contacted to schedule an interview. Mentor candidates will participate in a “mock” student meeting during the week of March 30. Formal interviews for all candidates will be held on April 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7.

Spring Mandatory Training for Society Coordinators and Mentors will be held on Tuesday, April 21, from noon-2pm. Lunch will be served.

Fall Mandatory Training for Society Coordinators will be held on August 18.

Fall Mandatory Training for Mentors will be held on August 17 & 18.

Thank you for your interest in the program!