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Center for Ethical Leadership

2013 Hatton W. Sumners Undergraduate Student Leadership Conference

February 21 - 24, 2013

Your students only have to cover the cost of getting to Austin and three nights at our conference hotel, which continues to be a bargain. We will provide local transportation from the hotel to all conference events on the UT main campus. **PLEASE NOTE - This year the sleeping rooms are at the Hilton Austin and NOT at the Hilton Garden Inn.**

500 East 4th Street, Austin, Texas 78701
TEL: 1-512-482-8000

Room Rate: $125.00, single or double occupancy, plus tax.
$145 for triple occupancy, plus tax.
$165 for quadruple occupancy, plus tax.

The reservations should be made online (https://resweb.passkey.com/Resweb.do?mode=welcome_ei_new&eventID=10187638") or via toll-free number: 800-445-8667.

Refer to the LBJ School - Student Leadership Conference to receive the conference rate.

The room block cut-off is: 11:59 PM on January 20, 2012, or until the room block is full.Please have your students book double occupancy to reduce costs and to avoid exhausting the supply of rooms. Also, please do not make reservations for return flights prior to 2:30 PM on Sunday. This is so that students can participate fully until the end of the conference at noon on Sunday, February 24.

The 2013 Hatton W. Sumners Undergraduate Student Leadership Conference is a critical part of the Center for Ethical Leadership's educational mission to develop leaders for tomorrow. Leadership is a highly complex form of human behavior that requires the integration of knowledge and experience. Because the Center aims to contribute to the development of future leaders, not just to the science of leadership, we need to bring educators and students into association with leaders from many settings who can share their experiences and insights.

The purpose of the conference will be to develop the leadership potential of current students in higher education. The intermediate goals to fulfill this purpose are as follows:

  1. To Inspire young men and women to seek or accept leadership responsibilities as part of their contribution to their society.
  2. To Increase awareness of current and emerging leadership challenges in a variety of settings.
  3. To Develop a network of students to support future collaboration among these emerging leaders.

Young leaders develop their leadership through opportunities to see and hear inspirational leaders talk about leadership, and from the example of other younger individuals leading students in small-group sessions. They also learn from the opportunity and responsibility of being part of the program as a small-group session leader (students leading students) and from the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other young leaders. This conference will provide all of these developmental experiences. Students will be better prepared to take on leadership roles and learn from experience as leaders and followers when they return to their schools following the conference. Eventually they will assume significant leadership responsibilities in society.

To read a student reflection paper about the 2008 Hatton W. Sumners Student Leadership Conference, click here. This paper is presented courtesy of the University Scholars from the Texas Wesleyan University Press.

For additional information, please contact:

Debbie Bunch
Conference Coordinator

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